pips tea cosy

how-to-crochet-the-worlds-easiest-tea-cosygranny squares 2granny squaresloops first rowthree rowsstitch sides stitch up the sidesthread the yarn add pompomstea cosy from above two tea cosies


A pompommy tea cosy will always cheer things up. If you need a cheer up, you might like to make one too?!

Project Notes:

If you don’t know how to make a granny square, I can help.
I made the pompoms with a Clover pompom maker and then stitched them firmly into place with matching yarn.
The yarn I used is cheap acrylic from Lincraft and also a $2 shop! I love the colours acrylic has to offer.
The tea cosy is sitting on this teapot – it’s a 6 cup (or 1.5 litre) one.
I used a 4mm hook for this.
The other tea cosy how-to is here!

x Pip

PS: tell me if you make a tea cosy? Share the link or put it on Instagram so I can take a peek?!


    • Pamela

    • 2 years ago

    Very nice design–I can’t wait to make one!
    Could you please share the yarn and hook you used for yours? It looks to be dk weight? Maybe a 4.5 mm hook?
    I’m glad to find your blogsite!

      • Pamela

      • 2 years ago

      Apologies. I just found it in your images.

        • Pip

        • 2 years ago

        No need for apologies! Thank you so much for reading, Pamela! Have a brilliant day. xx

    • Teresa Amyotte

    • 3 years ago

    looking for an 2 cup tetley square teapot cozy crochet pattern…any ideas??

    • Lauren Blakeney

    • 3 years ago

    oh yay! I have been crocheting granny’s again and loving it! After a few more practice squares I will attempt this. I have recently discovered Op Shops for yarn! Big bags of odds and ends, SO many colours, for $5-$7 dollars! Some are brand new yarn balls too! Happy days!

  1. Thanks for your share .

    • Suzanne

    • 6 years ago

    Found your website on a newsletter I subscribe to called Craft: Daily. Love your tea cosies. Both my son and I need at least one each so I’m off to raid my stash and get crocheting.

  2. Hi Pip!
    Sorry to hear you had a sad day on Friday. I too have been feeling grouchy for no good reason (other than time of the month induced) so I might take a leaf out of your book and get started on a new craft project. I am off to Nanjing, China in two weeks where the weather today is a maximum of 2C…aaahh! So a warm scarf might be in order.
    Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine today
    x Isabel

  3. I love that you made something sweet and colourful to cheer yourself up! Crafting is so satisfying like that isn’t it? I hope you made yourself a lovely rewarding cuppa with the new cosy when you finished?
    I’ve had a slightly grrrry/stressy/crappy week at work and am looking forward to getting my crochet out to make it all better, and writing a my smile inducing post cos that gets me thinking about the smiley stuff… I’m also hoping to have nice times stewing all my homegrown apples (that the birds and the possums didn’t eat) this weekend… and now it’s Friday night and the whole weekend is in front of us so that’s a big Yay 🙂 Hope your weekend is ace x

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