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:: Crochet School : Lesson One : How To Make A Slip Knot

Hello! Welcome to Crochet School!

How To Make A Slip Knot:

Grab yourself some yarn and a 4.5 or 5mm crochet hook. Metal is best for beginners, I think. Regular 4ply, 8ply or worsted weight yarn is easiest to work with – but use what you have as long as it’s not too fine. You want to see nice, satisfying results when you are learning -not spindly, wispy daddy-long-legs kind of results! Don’t spend a fortune on your yarn when you are learning, our grandmothers didn’t, in fact they often used odds and ends or unravelled other garments to re-use. You could do that too. Let’s get started.


The first loop on your crochet hook, before you start to crochet some ‘proper’ stitches, is a slip knot. You probably already know how to do this – but maybe you don’t – there are many different ways to make a slip knot, so you do it the way you know best!


If you’re not familiar with the slip knot, then you can practice this a few times before you move onto Lesson Two. If you are familiar then skip ahead!

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Notes on your slip knot ::

Don’t make it too tight because you want to get your hook in and under it when you begin your crochet.

Remember that it’s called a slip knot because it slips about – if it’s too tight wiggle your hook under it to loosen it up.

Hold onto the ‘knot’ part of your slip knot when you begin to crochet – this will keep your work taut, which will make crocheting easier.

The slip knot forms the first loop of your chain of stitches – it’s the very first loop in a granny square!
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