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:: Crochet A Paper Chain

December 9, 2014



If you’d like to make this cute crocheted chain, it’s super easy. You can use my ‘pattern’ as a guide, or just go nuts and work it out for yourself. Sometimes just seeing an example of something cute is enough to get you inspired to do it your own way, isn’t it? Here’s how to do it my way, if you so desire…




Make a crocheted chain a la Pip

Using 8ply yarn and a 3mm hook – or whatever you prefer…

I’m using Australian/UK crochet terminology (go here to convert to US!)

Let’s go!
Chain 9 stitches
Skip the first stitch and double crochet once into each chain until the end of the row

*Double crochet once into each chain until the end of the row. Chain one*
Turn repeat pattern between * and * until your rectangle measures approx. 10cm.

Make as many of these as you like.
Sew the first rectangle into a loop using matching yarn. Loop the next rectangle link through the first and stitch together neatly.
Continue like this until your chain is the length you prefer.

Add tassels too, if you like. I made mine by wrapping the yarn around a small book. Then I snipped the bottom row of wrapped yarn – at the bottom edge of the book – and carefully manoeuvred it off the book. Next I tied the unsnipped yarn at the top edge  of the book together with a length of yarn (about an inch from the ‘fold’) That’s all there is to tassels, really!


I hope you’re having a nice lead up to Christmas. I’m pushing on, despite a bit of a tough yesterday. Today is a new day, right?

x Pip


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