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Create an image URL using Photobucket (perfect for blog buttons!)



CREATE AN IMAGE URL FOR A BLOG BUTTON from pip lincolne on Vimeo.

The password for this video is ryangosling


A few people did this lesson, but had a little trouble understanding what an IMAGE URL is. Fair enough. It is a bit weird, right?

An image URL is like a web page JUST FOR YOUR IMAGE. It’s not the URL of a page with your image and other text on it. It’s a DEDICATED address on the internet where your image sits.

When you create a blog button, you need to add the code to make it appear. You can do this the cheaty way if you have a WordPress blog – or you can do it manually using code like this…

button code

The first URL/web address in this code ( is the link you want the button to click-through to.
The second URL/web address in this code is the image URL ( the address where the image is hosted.  (NB: It will be a Photobucket URL if you used Photobucket. The image url above is hosted on WordPress at

A Photobucket image url looks a bit like this :

A WordPress hosted image url looks a bit like this (with your own domain name, not mine, of course!)


Images need to live somewhere! This video shows you how to host your image on Photobucket (simply by uploading it!) and teaches you how to grab the image url once you’ve done that.

Then simply use the code shown, swapping out the first ULR for a link to the page you want your blog button to click-through to AND swapping out the second URL for the image link you created via Photobucket!

So easy no? Now you know how to create a button manually! Shazam!

Refer to this post for further info on this, including the WordPress cheats way to do it… and details on where to add your manually created (with the help of Photobucket!) blog button code if you are a Blogger blogger!

x Pip


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