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Wow.  Gemma and I spoke at Craft Victoria last night.  We have totally made it in the craft world now, phew!  It was really fun and of course we went over time as we had so much to say.  Sorry to the people who were cold and hungry! We spoke alongside Anika Cook and Melanie & Jeremy of Artsphere.  They had some really interesting things to say about Blog Design and Simplified Bespoke Websites.

We had even more things to say, of course, because we are chatty.   Here are a few of the final key things we spoke about super briefly : in case you are clicking over from Craft Victoria and want a bit of homework.  Gemma and I are working on a publication covering lots and lots of this stuff in greater detail, in case you are hungry for lots more information!    In the mean time, here are our notes for the final part of our chat.  There will be a repeat session of this talk : Websites and Blogs Made Easy : contact Craft Victoria for details.

Final Points We Skimmed Over : (The rest of the links and stuff is on the handout we gave y’all!)

Getting Noticed ::

  • Find your voice and use it
  • Link and share with abandon and integrity
  • Blog often : reliability is important
  • Have nice manners
  • Be sincere and generous
  • Be nice in general
  • Make sure your writing and images (content) are awesome

Ideas For Content ::

  • Diary or Journal type entries
  • How tos and instructional posts
  • Detail your inspirations and influences
  • Memes
  • Events and resource notes
  • Talk about friends and your community
  • Write reviews or critiques
  • Write carefully or write with abandon!
  • Write a list of things 
  • Use mosaics, collages and your own original images for a unique post
  • Interview someone
  • Write your own private content : for a small circle of readers : or just for you!

Collaboration ::

  • Write a joint blog
  • Use your blog to mentor someone
  • Invite a guest blogger : or guest blog yourself
  • Stage a blog crash and take over the blog of someone you know well!
  • Use your blog for a community or charity project
  • Use memes or linking tools
  • Use your blog to foster REAL LIFE connections
  • Use your blog to encourage dialogue

If you came last night : feel free to email me if you have any other queries about our chat. I am all ears and would love to help.  And do you know that Dana and  Sass and Shelley popped in for a quick squiz? They did.  They are so super great.  It is always so good to have a tiny cheer squad.

After our chat we tried to go to Mamasita, but it was just toooooo crazy, that queue.  I do not queue. So that is that.  If you take me out and there is a line I will not like it.  I will get all antsy. We had a late lunch at Trippy Taco anyway, so we forgot about dinner and just drove home to drink wine in front of the fire with Cam and Max and Ari.  AND we watched The Kenny Everett Video Show on Beta : on our new (old) Betamax player. Holy cow. It is like a huge steamship of an appliance with clunky buttons and a recalcitrant rewind button.  I really love BETA!  I don’t really like Hot Gossip.  But I do like Sid Snot, Bryan Ferry, The Pretenders and David Bowie, who all featured on the episode we watched.  Do you like them too? Or not?

xx Pip

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