Cooking With Artists and Other Good Weekend Things

Oh hi! It’s the first day of daylight savings, and the first day of October and the first day of Octobook – a new thing I’m doing where I am working on the books I am writing every day this month (I’m writing a novel and a book about break-ups and broken hearts!)

I’ve been blinking enjoying the long weekend vibes in Melbourne and taking recreation and paying attention to myself to excellent new sloth-like levels.

+ I’ve been watching Sherlock (how have I never watched it before?! It’s on Stan.)
+ And also watching ET on TV last night…
+ I’ve been looking at this book – which I bought at Readings the other day – telling myself to start reading it.
+ I’ve been crocheting a blanket in Snuggle Stitch – more on that later. Note that this explains why I haven’t been reading – you can’t read and crochet at the same time. Because hand shortage.
+ I’ve been drinking coffee and catching up with this great blog. It’s titter-filled. So funny and great.
+ That great blog pointed me to this apparently great podcast, which I am looking forward to listening to.
+ And waiting in the car at the bus stop, for Ari, I’ve been listening to Chat 10 Looks 3 a lot.
+ Looking at these amazing feeling-sparking photos.
+ I made a chocolate cake yesterday, too. My new very favourite no-fail recipe is Sally Wise’s Chocolate Cake from The Little Book of Slow. It’s perfect.
+ And that’s possibly it, at the moment, except that I was feeling weirdly sad that Megan Gale’s partner Shaun Hampson missed out on playing in the Grand Final yesterday… and I don’t even follow the football. It just seemed so unfair that he hasn’t played all year due to an injury and now his team has WON. Sob. Who even am I? At least he got a new baby this week, I suppose, but still… #GoTiges

The videos mentioned in the title of this post are below and perhaps you will like watching them as much as I did?

Love to you. Hope you are well. I am good-ish!!!!

x Pip


or watch the Georgia clip here.

or watch the Frida clip here.


  1. Thank you Pip, you are so sweet. Happy weekending! x

  2. You MUST read The Choke! Beautiful writing! And phew for Tiges win! Three long suffering supporters in my house. YELLOW AND BLACK!

  3. So much of your list has been my week/weekend too Pip!
    – Tim & I watched ET last night too!
    – The Choke is on my to-read list
    – I’ve been trying to finish up my giant granny square blanket & I have been listening to audio books while doing it!
    – I’ve been reading Rach’s blog too!
    – Sent the link for Zealot to a friend earlier this week because she loves cults.
    – Caught up on Chats 10 Looks 3 last week & made crack last weekend ( don’t make it, I could not stop eating it because it was so bloody good!)
    – And I finished reading Sally’s book early this morning
    – And I had to console my Crows fan son yesterday when they lost. He was not happy & quite shocked.

    Now I’m busily googling easy sewing patterns for skirts, dresses & pinafores. Enjoy your long weekend x

  4. Pip, you give good link!! Thank you.

    That blog is HILARIOUS!! I subscribed immediately after I stopped crying with laughter. I’m going to check the vids out next.

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