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Come To The Perth Writers Festival!


Guess what? I’ve been invited to the Perth Writers Festival!

You may or may not know that I lived in WA for five years as a teenager, so I am excited to head back to the ‘big smoke’ of the west to talk about the kinds of things that I most love. (Amongst an amazing bunch of superstar writers that you should DEFINITELY check out!)

I’m part of three different sessions and you can book your tickets as of last night! (Or book tickets to see someone else rad! That’s good too!)

Here’s what I am doing:

1. Hygge
Michelle Crawford (of Hugo and Elsa) and Pip Lincolne (me!) consider their recipe for happiness (with Geraldine Blake)
The Danish word ‘hygge’ is usually translated into English as ‘social cosiness’ or ‘wellbeing’. It’s a way of life rooted in togetherness and appreciating life’s joys, and it’s one of the reasons the people of Denmark are some of the happiest in the world. Should Australians take a leaf out of the Danes’ book?

Sunday 21st February – Book here


2. Pip’s Creative Shake Up!
(Where we make some crafty things and talk about some good stuff!) Pip Lincolne talks sparking ideas, making time for creative work, handling creative roadblocks, digital and analogue approaches to making, inspiration gathering, creative heroes and more. Includes practical exercises, take-home worksheets and hands-on crafty time too. This session is for the want-to-be-creative or the already-creative. Come and make things with me!

Friday 19th February – Book here


3. The Creatives Panel
Pip Lincolne is one of Australia’s best known bloggers and makers, infusing her life with creativity and optimism; Beci Orpin is an internationally adored illustrator, designer and artist. They talk to Meri Fatin about being creative every day.

Friday 19th February – Book here


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You should get in quick because these things sell out in absolutely no time at all! Come and make things with me and talk cosy times, creativity, writing and craft!

See you in Perth next month! Yay Perth!

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Pics: My collages for my latest book Craft For The Soul


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