Cloggy McClogface

Let’s talk about toes? In a non-festishy way? (Don’t even get me started on why you should not put photos of your feet on the internet… I have learned some WEIRD lessons about that over the years… Insert eyes-on-stalks emoji.)

I mostly have been wearing sneakers and Birks on my feet of late, but it’s getting cooler and I am thinking about CLOGS (and tights and frocks! Oh my!)

I love clogs. I love their little wooden hearts and their scoopy, clattery nature. I have a bit of a clog collection in my cupboard, but it’s been a couple of years since I updated, so the time might be ripe, I think.

I’m putting a couple of pairs from Funkis on my wishlist (once all the kiddos’ birthdays are done and dusted and the car rego is paid!)  And some nice thick black opaque tights. And some colourful frocks. Possibly some socks, even… And burly cardigans. Yes. That’s it.

Sort of a smocked-up, clogged-up, cosied-down kind of look. Okay that sounds bad, but really it’s very good and just how I like to be in the cooler days.

Excitingly, I’m officially partnering with Obus this year for the very first time, so I will tell you a bit about the frock part of this equation – thanks to the Obus ladies – very soon!

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  1. That is a nice pair of Wooden clogs and wooden clog sandal. I look for them constantly online because they are favorites.

  2. I Just love clogs for what they are. They really are summer shoes. Those posted up here look very stylish. I have been meaning to get myself one of those for a long time. Recently came across this online webstore for Swedish clog, They have a great collection of in style shoes.

  3. Cheryl Flowerday P

    Oh boy! I love clogs, too! I have worn them for more than your years I’m guessing!! The ankle-strap is the one! Funkis is not a brand I’ve seen in the states! Thanks for sharing…it’s fun to find a new source.

  4. Clogs and frocks! And how great they you get to partner with Obus, since you wear their clothes anyway. What a great match. So tell me, are clogs comfortable? Because I think the clogs and tights thing might be for me but comfort is top priority.

  5. I have put a few pics of gumboots on instagram and had a lot of very odd comments about my feet! I used to love clogs but have not worn them in years.

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