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So. On the weekend I was booked to speak at Clare Bowditch’s Big Hearted Business Conference. My session and crafternoon were on Sunday, but on Friday I realised I should go on Saturday too. I figured I would learn LOTS of things and it would be the very best thing I could do at this point in my life.

I figured correctly. Gosh.

I had such an amazing weekend listening to lots of great speakers and finding out more about what I want to do professionally, too.  I had a super huge moment where everything fell into place for me. Gulp. Sob. It was that amazing.

I am going to tell you more about my big idea another day, because I’m letting it percolate a bit. I’m letting it grow. Let me just say that it’s everything I’ve ever wanted to do, rolled up into one exciting package! Gasp!

(Hmmm… Maybe you need a bit of help with your big idea, too? Or maybe you haven’t thought of your own big idea? That’s okay! There is help at hand!  Click through to the link above to find out more and get on the mailing list for Big Hearted Business. This means you’ll be first to find out about the events BHB organises and you’ll also get regular Inspiration Bombs in your email. What more could you want?!)

SO. Not only did we learn lots of useful things about running a creative business, we learnt to meditate, sing The Ship Song with 200 other people, eat cake (!) and think about what we held most dear to our hearts, professionally and personally.

We listened to lots of people tell their very personal, super important stories.  I loved Kemi and Catherine and Rachel and Jane’s bits a lot… but really all the speakers were OUTSTANDING and everyone had a huge amount of practical, candid and thoughtful advice to offer.  There were also lots of great insights and personal reflections from people who came along as attendees. So. Many. Interesting. Stories.

I really do urge you to sign up and start saving up for next year’s BHB.  It’s changed my life. It’s opened up my heart and set all kinds of clever, creative (somewhat dusty) things free again. I feel like a super-amazing, sneakily tucked away version of me has been awoken.  I like that person.  Maybe you want to find that version of YOU, too? It totally joined-the-dots for me. Do you need your dots joined too?!  Sign up!

x Pip

*goes away to sob happily about life*

PS: Event styling (and awesome talk about blogging) by Lucy Feagins.

ALSO: I can not tell you how fantastic it was to see a girl gang of volunteers, friends and sisters work together to make something so special happen. SO. MUCH. LOVE. IN. THE. ROOM.

PLUS: I will tell you a bit more about my Clare, the Big Hearted Business Crafternoon and my BHB session tomorrow. Come back then?

AND: There are more photos here.

ADDITIONALLY: Australian Story were filming at the conference yesterday, so you might get a glimpse in Clare’s upcoming profile. (Not sure when it will air)

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