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:: Christmas Catch-Up

T is for turkey : making gravy
U is for unreal : mastering the best crepes
V is for vintage : market shopping in a favourite dress
W is for watercolour : lilies and Bloody Marys
X is for Xmassy: vintage decorations on our shaggy tree
Y is for yawn : Christmas morning… coffee, blogs and a 9am wake up for the kids!

I’m catching up on A Month of A to Z!

One day to go!!

Happy BOXING DAY to you. I hope your Christmas was lovely. I hope you had a great time with your peeps. And if it was a bit trying, today’s the day to have a nice time and make plans for a BETTER time next year. I know that Christmas can be stressful for some people, that’s why you need to customise it to fit you. It’s really important to have small doses of the difficult people and BIG doses of your faves.

We had a great time this year. Rin & Joe came over for Christmas Eve turkey dinner. We ate it in front of the ABC with our plates on the coffee table and our shoes off.  And we had the Panettone and Ice-cream Bombe for dessert… Jeepers it was delicious.

On Christmas Day we had a late start. Then we did presents and Facetime with family and a bit of Skype too.  We had hot chocolate and crepes and homemade waffles for breakfast.

Lunch was SUPER late because a few people had other things to go to.  We ate at 3.30ish and grazed till about 7pm.  We had rare roast beef, brown sugar roasted potatoes, bruschetta with tomato & basil, a big rice and pea salad, Ottolenghi’s noodle salad (thanks Gemma!), ham, Ottolenghi’s chickpea salad (thanks Cam!), fresh-baked dinner rolls and quinoa salad (thanks Anita!)  It was SUCH a great combination of flavours.

For dessert we had ice-cream and raspberry cake, more panettone bombe, vegan trifle and Cam’s Christmas pudding.

Argh.  So. Much. Food.

I didn’t take many photos, because I was to busy having a good time!!!  Sorry!

Today I’m up early catching up and wondering if I can distract the boys from spending their Xmas funds…  I can’t stand the idea of shopping today!  I want to stay in and watch telly and read books and things like that.

What are you doing today?  How was Christmas for you?

xx Pip

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