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  • craft handmade Hello YOEF

    :: I Made A Dress

    Oh hi! How are you? I am good! Phew. I had a really good morning with Ari today. He just got himself sorted for school and breakfasted and everything without a peep of resistance.…

    August 14, 2014
  • Etsy Hello YOEF

    :: New Rain Jacket! New Hat!

    Thank goodness it’s getting cooler here in Melbourne. I am not a huge fan of humid or hot Summery days. I’m much happier when things are a bit crisper and cooler. I’ve been LOVING…

    April 10, 2014
  • Etsy Hello YOEF

    :: ACTUAL Punky Brewster Hi-Tops?!

    I know, right?! Vintage Punky Brewster hi-tops? PUNKY POWER? I’m all about that. Punky, The Cosby Show, Laverne and Shirley, 90210. My fave vintage shows skipped decades with abandon. I haven’t watched Punky of…

    March 13, 2014