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Week Four

Blog BWP Inspiration Motivation Week Four

How To Be More Creative

Creativity is at the heart of every great blog. Without it, there’s a sameness to our blogs. Things become formulaic. Blogs take on a cookie cutter facade. They become predictable and interchangeable in some cases. We can do much…

Blog BWP Motivation Week Four

How To Blog Consistently

How to blog consistently : Ten useful tips! 1. When to write – Optimal writing time: Everyone is different. You’ll notice that there are times of the day when you are MUCH more productive, energised and creative than others. Mine is first thing…

Blog BWP Going Pro Week Four

Disclosure and Sponsors

This is becoming more and more of an issue: disclosure and transparency in the blogging community. I am not sure WHY it’s even an issue to be honest. Here are my rules on disclosure: Has someone given you something…

Basics Blog BWP RSS Week Four

What The Heck Is RSS?

RSS means REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION. All blogs have RSS feeds (unless you use some weird platform!) Blogger and WordPress create the RSS feed automatically. If you are on WordPress yours will be something similar (http://yourblogaddress/feed) and if you are…

BWP Extras Week Four


  Images & Image Editing Canva: here’s your invite! PicMonkey Flickr Back up/upload images to Flickr – Every time you upload an image it’ll resize it to various dimensions and you can download the appropriate size whenever you like.…