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Week One

Blog BWP Social Media Week One

Blog Yay! Facebook Group

Yes! As if you didn’t have enough FB stuff to follow along with, if you would prefer to socialise Blog Yay! style on Facebook you can do that in the brand new FB group. Join here. You are welcome!…

Blog BWP Week One

Welcome Information

If you’d like to get started making some cute graphics like the one above for your blog, headย here to Canva to sign upย for design fun! Oh my gosh! You totally showed up! Gold star and an elephant stamp for…

Blog BWP Motivation Week One Writing Tips

Finding Your Blog Niche

  Let’s talk about blog niches! Food blogs, style blogs, craft blogs, shazam! In ye olden days of blogging, blogs were much less sophisticated. They usually stayed within their niche, posting images and writing that fitted their chosen genre.…

Blog BWP Motivation Week One Writing Tips

Why Are You Blogging?

Blogging is a really excellent metaphor for life, I feel. If you try to balance your blogging approach so that it mirrors your life approach, then your blog will serve you well. ย Alternatively, you could have a really great-totally-together…

Blog BWP Under The Hood Week One

A Bit About WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin is a program or group of programs you can download to sit within your blog and increase its functionality. There are plugins for better SEO, forums, galleries, social media… a whole bunch of useful stuff.…

Blog BWP Under The Hood Week One

A Bit About Domain Names

If you want your blog to sit on it’s own personalised URL or web address you will need to buy yourself a domain from a domain name reseller. Perhaps it’s or that you have your heart set…