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Etsy Photography + Art + Design Wear

Rock Some Cute Sock Snazz

  The Cute Sock Snazz-O-Meter is at 9.85 and rising… These cute socks are enough to make you want to snazz your feet up at the best of times. Couple their toesiness (actual made up word combining toes and cosiness)…

Etsy Photography + Art + Design Wear

Ultra-great frock alert

  I found these ace dresses on Etsy and I like them a lot. Really, nothing beats a dress in the look-put-together department, don’t you think? A nice dress means you just have to whack on some tights and…

Photography + Art + Design Pip-Life Wear

Cloggy McClogface

Let’s talk about toes? In a non-festishy way? (Don’t even get me started on why you should not put photos of your feet on the internet… I have learned some WEIRD lessons about that over the years… Insert eyes-on-stalks…

Pip-Life Taking Stock Wear

Taking Stock in October

I haven’t done ‘Taking Stock’ for bloody ages! I’ve been too busy trying to keep all the balls in the air with moving and working and book-type-things. That’s reason enough to slow things down for a tiny while and…

Hello Wear YOEF

:: Fashiony Faves & Flashback Friday

Oh hello! I have a few things to tell you about… Obus have just releases a bunch of cute new stuff. It’s Made In Australia and a total fave of mine. Not only lovely to look at but excellent…

ethical fashion
Etsy Hello Wear YOEF

:: A Year Of Ethical Fashion: Five Faves

Here’s this week’s Thursday update for A Year Of Ethical Fashion on a very hot Melbourne day!  You can sign up and join in any time and go ethical for one whole year (or more!) Follow along with the #YOEF…

a year of ethical fashion
Hello Social Justice Wear YOEF

:: A Year Of Ethical Fashion

Remember how I wrote a bit about Australian ethical fashion a couple of weeks ago? And how I was going to approach getting dressed a bit differently? This was all with a view to… A Year Of Ethical Fashion!…