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How To Add A Custom Domain To An Existing Blog

Perhaps you already have a blog on Something like or, or the like? Maybe you want that blog to have a custom URL? Something cleaner and more personalised than the address? or No problem.  Register your domain and then watch…

Blog BWP Under The Hood Week One

A Bit About WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin is a program or group of programs you can download to sit within your blog and increase its functionality. There are plugins for better SEO, forums, galleries, social media… a whole bunch of useful stuff.…

Blog BWP Under The Hood Week One

A Bit About Domain Names

If you want your blog to sit on it’s own personalised URL or web address you will need to buy yourself a domain from a domain name reseller. Perhaps it’s or that you have your heart set…

Blog BWP Under The Hood

Buying Hosting For Your Blog

What’s a web host? Maybe you already know? That’s right. A web host is a company that provides you with space on their servers to store all the data associated with your blog or website. It’s important to choose…

Blog BWP Under The Hood

Which Blog Platform Should I Use?

When I started blogging, I actually used the blog function on Myspace. Oh my gosh, right? How crazy is that? My blog is, in fact, possibly still floating about on Myspace. I don’t really know if it is because…