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52 Hellos: Week 25

    Look at me. I missed a couple of weeks of 52 Hellos. Whoops. Oh well. I’ve been writing about other things, going to Brisbane and also really busy at home helping the kids move, so that’s the…

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Craft Saves The Day!

  Craft and handmade things can save the day, you know? (Despite what that person in the NY Times says.) Today, as I handed this blanket over to the friend I’d made it for, I knew that it was a…

Hello Pip-Life

The Good Stuff

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things we love and keep. Do you know the rattle of the good stuff? It’s the kind of rattle you get when the floorboards are a bit creaky and tired. When the…

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:: 52 Hellos : Week 17

  Oh my goodness. Just a beautiful letter this week from the super clever Gert Geyer for 52Hellos… This letter is super perfect, not just because it’s so lovely to read and look at, but because Gert is doing…

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:: 52 Hellos: Week 16

  I don’t like to play favourites. But this might be my favourite hello of the year. Tania wrote to me (and you!) about her grandparents, telling her story of a lifetime of letters between the three of them.…

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:: 52 Hellos : Week 15

  What better way to spend a Sunday than reading letters from interesting people? How about reading letters from interesting people and drinking tea and listening to Sarah Blasko?! Yes. That’s what I am doing right now. Here are…