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Sponsored Project: The Woolly Wayward Pine Cupboard

June 28, 2015
wayward pine cupboard

This post is sponsored by Annie Sloan Unfolded, the good people who distribute Chalk Paint™ in Australia : Follow them on Facebook here for more excellent paint-related or decorating ideas!     I’ve been wanting a woolly cupboard for ages. My crochet is stored in various baskets all over the living room (since I vacated my studio a few months ago.) It’s hard to see what I’ve got and things get a bit tangled up. I wanted something to store my yarn and projects in,…

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52 Hellos: Week 25

June 28, 2015
patrick jumble

    Look at me. I missed a couple of weeks of 52 Hellos. Whoops. Oh well. I’ve been writing about other things, going to Brisbane and also really busy at home helping the kids move, so that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Let’s move ahead anyway! I’m totally cool with letting myself off the hook. I’m thinking you are cool with that too! This week’s letter is from Patrick. This is the very first letter this year from a guy. It’s…

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10 Things You Don’t Know You’ll Miss When Your Kid Leaves Home

June 26, 2015
pips max embroidery

Here is one for the parents and one for the people who have parents too. Ten things you don’t know you’ll miss when your kid leaves home. But you do miss them, because they’re not there anymore. They’ve disappeared out the door and into a terrace house a few kms from where you  live… These things have disappeared with them too: The noise – it’s so quiet when they go. The laughing and music and running up and down the…

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Play And Record

June 18, 2015

Lately, when I get up in the morning, I turn on my favourite radio show. I turn on the heater. I make a cup of tea. Then I write my morning pages. It’s a pretty great way to start the day. Sometimes I throw a crumpet in there for good measure. Some vitamins, even. My favourite radio show plays some great stuff, partly thanks to one of my extra favourite people who is part of their team.  And partly thanks…

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