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Sponsored Project: The Woolly Wayward Pine Cupboard

June 28, 2015
wayward pine cupboard

This post is sponsored by Annie Sloan Unfolded, the good people who distribute Chalk Paint™ in Australia : Follow them on Facebook here for more excellent paint-related or decorating ideas!     I’ve been wanting a woolly cupboard for ages. My crochet is stored in various baskets all over the living room (since I vacated my studio a few months ago.) It’s hard to see what I’ve got and things get a bit tangled up. I wanted something to store my yarn and projects in,…

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Hello Listen/Watch/Read

52 Hellos: Week 25

June 28, 2015
patrick jumble

    Look at me. I missed a couple of weeks of 52 Hellos. Whoops. Oh well. I’ve been writing about other things, going to Brisbane and also really busy at home helping the kids move, so that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Let’s move ahead anyway! I’m totally cool with letting myself off the hook. I’m thinking you are cool with that too! This week’s letter is from Patrick. This is the very first letter this year from a guy. It’s…

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Hello Pip-Life

10 Things You Don’t Know You’ll Miss When Your Kid Leaves Home

June 26, 2015
pips max embroidery

Here is one for the parents and one for the people who have parents too. Ten things you don’t know you’ll miss when your kid leaves home. But you do miss them, because they’re not there anymore. They’ve disappeared out the door and into a terrace house a few kms from where you  live… These things have disappeared with them too: The noise – it’s so quiet when they go. The laughing and music and running up and down the…

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Creativity Hello Listen/Watch/Read Pip-Life

Play And Record

June 18, 2015

Lately, when I get up in the morning, I turn on my favourite radio show. I turn on the heater. I make a cup of tea. Then I write my morning pages. It’s a pretty great way to start the day. Sometimes I throw a crumpet in there for good measure. Some vitamins, even. My favourite radio show plays some great stuff, partly thanks to one of my extra favourite people who is part of their team.  And partly thanks…

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Craft Saves The Day!

June 4, 2015
blankie finished

  Craft and handmade things can save the day, you know? (Despite what that person in the NY Times says.) Today, as I handed this blanket over to the friend I’d made it for, I knew that it was a glimmer of good in a quite freezing, at times gloomy day.  Sometimes the very best thing you can do is to make something for someone else. It makes sense in lots of ways that don’t involve dollars. While craft is often viewed as…

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Creativity handmade Hello Listen/Watch/Read Pip-Life

A Few Things

June 3, 2015
koala tee

  Hello Peaches! I wanted to tell you about a couple of things. So here goes… + Have you seen the latest issue of Frankie Magazine? There’s heaps of good things inside. One of those is this Quality Koala Tee project by me! It was really fun to make and I’m telling you how to make one too. Or a whole bunch. Or other printed things. Go (gum)nuts! + Speaking of which, I went to an event for The Emerging…

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… And You Don’t Have To Win Everyone Over

May 23, 2015
craft for the soul shoot ten

  Do you remember when I wrote that post called ‘It Doesn’t Mean They Hate You!’? Lots of people read that post and talked to me about it, which was ace. It’s always good, as a blogger, when people want to talk to you about the things you write. (And thanks if you did!) Today, I’ve been thinking a lot about when people don’t like you much. Or aren’t into your work. And how that feels. And how easy/difficult that…

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Hello Listen/Watch/Read Rad People

One Velvet Evening & Ten Things Justine Clarke Told Me

May 20, 2015
justine clarke

Justine Clarke is not only a beloved children’s television super-star, she’s also a talented stage and screen actress (what is NOT to love about the stellar Tangle, Love My Way, The Time Of Our Lives – and did you know she played Anna Goanna in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome? It’s totally true. Gasp. Cool.) Justine can also sing stuff that’s not about watermelons or puppies in the park (not that there’s anything wrong with watermelons/puppies. Heavens no!) She’s actually got a long history…

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Hello Pip-Life

The Good Stuff

May 19, 2015
Lefton Ladybug Cream and Sugar Rare Pixieware Napco

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things we love and keep. Do you know the rattle of the good stuff? It’s the kind of rattle you get when the floorboards are a bit creaky and tired. When the floral carpet won’t cushion your steps any longer. So the special objects in the doiley-ed cupboards begin to rattle and shake each time you cross the room. Or maybe you know the rustle of the good stuff? The pop of the…

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Hello One + Four = Life Photography + Art + Design Pip-Life

One + Four = Life : The Op Shop Edition

May 17, 2015
one plus four op shop

Sometimes, when it gets to Sunday, I think to myself, ‘How can a week have zoomed by so quickly?’ Luckily, I have this little One + Four = Life game to play. It not only reminds me that it’s a good idea to stop and think about the week that was, it also reminds me that the time does indeed fly by, so it’s good to do the things you most want to do, if that makes sense. This week…

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Hello Listen/Watch/Read Newsy

Newsy Snacks For Busy People…

May 4, 2015
big bird

I used to write a column for another website called Newsy Snacks For Busy People. It was fun to write and fun to read… I thought I’d write a pared-down version of Newsy Snacks for you. Just to welcome your week in. Here goes! Newsy Caroll Spinney (cover your eyes children) the person who lurks beneath Big Bird is not only 81 and has been Big Birding for 40 years… he’s also a man. Gee. Growing up I thought Big…

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Creativity Hello One + Four = Life Pip-Life Rad People

One + Four = Life – Waleed, Cosytown, The Age & Tarts

May 3, 2015
one plus four may

 * Disclosure: This post contains an item that was given to me by Freedom Australia   Hello! I’m popping in early today with One + Four = Life, because I am throwing a little party for a few friends this afternoon. Better earlier than never, right?! Have you had a nice week? I have had a busy one – dotted with good things (in my life) and bad things (in the news). I’m going to talk about my life in this post.…

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52 Hellos Creativity Hello Rad People

:: 52 Hellos : Week 17

May 2, 2015
gert letter 1

  Oh my goodness. Just a beautiful letter this week from the super clever Gert Geyer for 52Hellos… This letter is super perfect, not just because it’s so lovely to read and look at, but because Gert is doing her own Year Of Letters – writing a letter each week day for a year. WOAH. That’s a lot of letters. I really admire Gert’s resolve. No wonder she wants to do this all the time. She is MADE FOR IT! You…

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Creativity Hello One + Four = Life Photography + Art + Design Pip-Life

:: One + Four = Life: Riberty Frogs, Printing, Pals & PomPoms

April 26, 2015
one four life grid

one: the one where you and your pals all have books out! two: this little suitcase contained my pompom arsenal for Wednesday’s workshop three: Riberty frogs – from my new book (made from Liberty prints, of course!) four: fabric paint for my latest project Hello! Sunday arvo rolls around again, so it must be time for One + Four = Life. The idea is to share four photos that sum up one week of your life (the week just gone). One…

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52 Hellos Hello Listen/Watch/Read

:: 52 Hellos: Week 16

April 26, 2015
hello tania envelope

  I don’t like to play favourites. But this might be my favourite hello of the year. Tania wrote to me (and you!) about her grandparents, telling her story of a lifetime of letters between the three of them. Obviously you can read it for yourself, above! This lovely letter made me cry. Not in a bad way. Just in a way that’s a bit of a nod to the inevitability of things. It’s hard to think of the people you…

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Hello Partnerships Pip-Life Taking Stock

:: Giveaway & Taking Stock With Michelle Crawford

April 24, 2015
michelle crawford a table in the orchard cover

  Hello. Hi. Are you well? I am well thanks. Did you know my book came out on Wednesday? It did! I’ve been so busy doing a workshop and some radio (listen to a radio slot here) and interviews. It’s been heaps of fun and I am excited that my book will be in bookshops now. People get to buy it and snuggle down and read it. I read it again last night and I enjoyed it a lot (!)…

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