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Cottles Bridge weekend
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: In May!

Hello, peaches! You know what time it is? It’s time to take stock! If you haven’t ever done this, maybe today is the day to do so? You could just grab a notebook and get started? Or tap your…

Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: January 2020

Amazingly we’ve ticked over into 2020 and much less amazingly we saw the new year in with catastrophic bushfires across Australia. It’s hard to know what to say about this really, when so many have said it better than…

Pip Lincolne Meet Me At Mikes
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock for January

What else would I be doing early on a Friday morning, I ask you?! It seems like a good time to check in on the year, so far. It’s A LONG chatty one. Soz.…

Pip & Meet Me At Mike's December 2017
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: Early December

Let’s do a little backward dance and think about what’s been going on, before the month whirls crazily into holiday season proper and we’re all rendered overwhelmed and (even more) tired and emotional.…

Zali ZigZag Blanket
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: Early September

How can it be September already? I am not READY for the end of the year to arrive! I have things I still need to dooooooo, year! Dang. The days were long, but the months were short with this…

Jaffle of goodness
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: June

June is nearly over, which means the year is half over too. As the days whizz by, it’s good to cast the net and gather in some of the thoughts, feelings, things, people, places and ideas that have been milling…

duchess of devonshire
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock for April

Da-nah! It’s nearly the end of the month. We are nearly a third of the way through the year. Whoa. What. Gosh. Here’s some things that have been happening in this neck of the woods.…

Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: March

I quite fancied doing a bit of a de-jumbling Taking Stock today because life is feeling a bit clutter-y and chaotic. It’s actually so nice to do this little exercise. Not only does it help me document the things I…

Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: December

What better way to end the year than with a final stock-take of where things are at? Let’s do it! (You can scroll down for your own blank list to copy and paste, if you fancy!) (And don’t forget…

Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: November

  Here’s a little bit about where I’m at, mostly to remind myself, but maybe you are interested too? How nice (if you said yes.) Taking Stock: November Making : Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Fudge Cake. Yum! Have you made…

Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: October

I’ve been a bit too busy to blog. Everything has been topsy turvy at mine because a) we had ace relatives from New Zealand and other family popping in and out and b) I finished work with a bunch…

craft Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: July

  The month is nearly over. How did we get here, for Pete’s sake?! Time is whizzing by, right? Is it just me? Is it you too?! Make it stop! I thought I’d sneak in a little Taking Stock…

Crochet Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: June

Oh hello! It’s been a little while since I did ‘Taking Stock’, but I know lots of people have been merrily doing it all over the internet. I think it’s really cool that a simple little exercise can slow…

Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: April

I haven’t done Taking Stock for a while. I think I have been busying myself hanging out and admiring the view and having quiet and fun times and just staying on top of work and fam. But enough of…

Pip-Life Taking Stock Wear

Taking Stock in October

I haven’t done ‘Taking Stock’ for bloody ages! I’ve been too busy trying to keep all the balls in the air with moving and working and book-type-things. That’s reason enough to slow things down for a tiny while and…