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Love is Love pin by My Bearded Pigeon
Pip-Life Social Justice

Love Is Love

Today is the day Australia’s (insensitive, backward and ill-conceived) Same Sex Marriage Postal Vote result will be announced. In around three hour’s time.…

Rad People Social Justice

Befriend A Child

  A little while ago I wrote about becoming a pen pal to an asylum seeking child in detention. (It seems that the program has been inundated with enquiries – so if you had tried to get in touch…

Creativity Rad People Social Justice

Rad People

Do you see up there, in my blog’s menu, it says RAD PEOPLE? Rad People is a special part of my blog reserved for people who are doing ace things. In the past, Rad People have included Clem Ford,…

Pip-Life Rad People Social Justice

End Violence Against Women

Today I’m taking part in Kerri Sackville’s  #endviolenceagainstwomen campaign on Twitter. If you’re not sure what it’s about, let me catch you up. (I know I don’t normally talk about tough stuff very much here, but this is really important!)…

a year of ethical fashion
Hello Social Justice Wear YOEF

:: A Year Of Ethical Fashion

Remember how I wrote a bit about Australian ethical fashion a couple of weeks ago? And how I was going to approach getting dressed a bit differently? This was all with a view to… A Year Of Ethical Fashion!…