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Befriend A Child

  A little while ago I wrote about becoming a pen pal to an asylum seeking child in detention. (It seems that the program has been inundated with enquiries – so if you had tried to get in touch…

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Rad People

Do you see up there, in my blog’s menu, it says RAD PEOPLE? Rad People is a special part of my blog reserved for people who are doing ace things. In the past, Rad People have included Clem Ford,…

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You Remind Me Of The Babe

  We’re so sad and shocked at our place. Probably you are too. What a fabulous, fragile, remarkable genius. What a loss far too soon, far too young. Broken hearts all ’round, guys.    …

Pip-Life Rad People Social Justice

End Violence Against Women

Today I’m taking part in Kerri Sackville’s  #endviolenceagainstwomen campaign on Twitter. If you’re not sure what it’s about, let me catch you up. (I know I don’t normally talk about tough stuff very much here, but this is really important!)…

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:: 52 Hellos : Week 17

  Oh my goodness. Just a beautiful letter this week from the super clever Gert Geyer for 52Hellos… This letter is super perfect, not just because it’s so lovely to read and look at, but because Gert is doing…