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Hine Mizushima’s Invertebrate Sleep Habits

  This beautiful, tiny felt series by Hine Mizushima is called Invertebrate Sleep Habits. You can see the whole story here. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this! How do people even come UP with this…

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Rad People: Illustrator Boyoun Kim

  I was excited to stumble across the beautiful work of Boyoun Kim yesterday. I’m often pretty gobsmacked by the cleverness and creativity of illustrators and Boyoun Kim is definitely next-level in terms of  gobsmacks. Award-winning Korean-born Boyoun is based in New York. She’s collaborated with the…

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MOOD? Blanket-y.

  Brr. Last night I went out for dinner and when I was walking to the tram, on my way home the night air was so, so cold. Each time I took a breath it made me cough. It…

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Get fluffy: Sometimes pompoms are just next-level

  Holy smoke. As much as I love my pompoms-of-Fraggleness-and-heart-shaped-inclusive-ness, there is NO denying that THESE pompoms are actually the world’s best. They are the total greatest. Snaffle yourself a copy of this amazing pompom making book here. Or from here. (Or search…