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Etsy handmade Rad People

MOOD? Blanket-y.

June 1, 2016
ohhio by anna mo

  Brr. Last night I went out for dinner and when I was walking to the tram, on my way home the night air was so, so cold. Each time I took a breath it made me cough. It must have been 4 degrees, I swear! THEN, when I was on the tram, the dip my friend gave me leaked all over my shopping bag and the crackers she gave me and the cheese she gave me too. Everything covered…

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Photography + Art + Design Rad People

Budgerigasp! Pete Cromer’s beautiful budgies

May 25, 2016
pete comers budgerigars

When I spotted (genius) Pete Cromer’s sherbet-sprinkled budgies on Instagram I was overcome with pastel pangs. These budgies aren’t the kind to wildly fling seed around your kitchen. They will not wake you with their joyful morning trills. They most certainly don’t need to grind their little beaks against those scratchy ovals of cuttlefish you find on the beach. And they definitely won’t learn and repeat the rude words you utter as you’re trying to lower your eggs into the poaching water without the…

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craft Rad People

Finished! Del’s ‘Downton Snuggles’ Blanket

May 16, 2016
downton snuggles blanket

My friend’s baby son is called Del. Yep. He’s adorable and smart and he likes me a lot. This is why I like to make him things. If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I have been making Del a blanket. This is the second blanket I’ve made him. The first one was THIS one (the very last one in this post!) It’s a sort-of Mum AND baby blanket, designed for tandem snuggles, but a bit too big to…

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handmade Rad People

Get fluffy: Sometimes pompoms are just next-level

May 9, 2016
amazing pompoms by trikotri

  Holy smoke. As much as I love my pompoms-of-Fraggleness-and-heart-shaped-inclusive-ness, there is NO denying that THESE pompoms are actually the world’s best. They are the total greatest. Snaffle yourself a copy of this amazing pompom making book here. Or from here. (Or search online for ‘Cute Pompom Animals by Trikotri!) Then you can learn how to make these swoon-worthy, fluffy creatures too! You could also follow this amazingly rad pompom maker – Trikotri –  on Facebook and on Instagram (a total MUST-DO!) How great are these?! Gah!    …

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handmade Photography + Art + Design Pip-Life Rad People

Eight wantable things I found on Etsy this afternoon

May 2, 2016
etsy finds

Hello! How are things? I am good. I am cramming in as much craft as possible, between work-y things. This sometimes makes it hard to do bloggy things, but I am making a break for it RIGHT NOW. I’m ignoring the light-box that is begging me to switch it on and transfer some designs from paper to fabric (for embroidering later on.) The truth is, the light is failing and it’s MUCH better to embroider in good, bright day light.…

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Look & Win! ‘Care Packages’ by Michelle Mackintosh

April 27, 2016
michelle mackintosh care packages 2

Hardie Grant sent me a review copy of this lovely book… and Obus sent me the cute socks-up-top! Once upon a time I got very, very sick while I was away from home. It was a horrible experience and when I was finally back in my own bed, safe and sound, someone delivered me a little package of yummy and cute things to help me to get on the mend. It was so nice to get some special things, but…

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craft handmade Rad People

Rad People: Madame Tricot on Instagram

March 16, 2016
madame_tricot on instagram

    Instagram is really such a great way to find creative people, isn’t it? I’m a little bit addicted to scrolling through the EXPLORE tab, looking for beautiful people and things, as well as sneaking over to have a look at my own LIKE-rs feeds. This week, for instance, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Bear Loves Dove’s move to the country (not far from the beach!) and (Perth Writers Festival pal) Katherine Dorrington’s blooming gorgeous snaps, as well…

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A Thing I Love: Girl Talk at Motherland

March 15, 2016
motherland Elsa

I loved reading these little interviews over on Motherland. Seven Q & As with seven smart girls = interesting and awesome. Maybe you’d like to find out more about… Girl Talk 1 – Elsa, aged 9  (Above! Hi Elsa!) Girl Talk 2 – Tyler, aged 16 Girl Talk 3 – Layla, aged 10 Girl Talk 4 – Millie, aged 3 Girl Talk 5 – Rosie, aged 14 Girl Talk 6 – Lucia, aged 6 Girl Talk 7 – Lottie, aged 10 Here…

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Photography + Art + Design Rad People

Rad People: Sarah-Jane Adams

March 15, 2016
sarah jane a

You know what? It’s really ace to see a style icon that totally middle-fingers the norm. It’s especially great when that someone is 50+  and is not hiding herself or disappearing into the crowd. Often, as we age, we might seek to blend in/norm-out… or perhaps we forget about style and just get on with the other important things in life. It might not be a priority. I get that. That’s cool. That said, I am loving the style shake-up…

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Rad People Social Justice

YA Author John Green is Instagramming from a refugee camp in Jordan

March 12, 2016
jordan refugee camp

YA novelist superstar John Green (hello, The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns, Looking For Alaska) is currently in a refugee camp in Jordan as a friend of the UNHCR, getting to the bottom of what life’s really like for those existing there and sharing his thoughts via Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube. John’s posting stories to his 2.3 million + followers, detailing the experiences and challenges of kids and families caught up in this terrible, taxing refugee crisis. His posts are not only raising awareness, they’re getting kids (and…

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Listen/Watch/Read Pip-Life Rad People

Rad People: Daphne Sheldrick

March 12, 2016
daphne sheldrick

  Last night, I fell down a bit of a YouTube documentary-watching hole. Does that ever happen to you? I bet it does. One of the best things I watched was a short film about Daphne Sheldrick. Daphne is a conservationist, author and animal lover. Born in Kenya, she and her late husband David have worked together to study and care for African animals for most of their lives. Initially based in Tsavo National Park in Kenya, Daphne successfully perfected the milk formula…

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Listen/Watch/Read Photography + Art + Design Rad People

The Bartholomew family do Cuba!

February 12, 2016
hailey b

  My friends Hailey, Andrew, Zali and Poppy went to Cuba for Intrepid Travel. Yep. They made a gorgeous film, as they are wonderfully wont to do and it’s going to have you itching to get out in the sunshine, travel, eat delicious things, twirl in colourful dresses and be all joyful and goofy with the people you love the most. I love these guys so much! They are the take-a-big-ace-bite-out-of-life type of people. Pretty much everything they do is…

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Rad People Social Justice

Befriend A Child

February 2, 2016
marcel marlier

  A little while ago I wrote about becoming a pen pal to an asylum seeking child in detention. (It seems that the program has been inundated with enquiries – so if you had tried to get in touch with them, know that.) Yesterday I read about another important program called Befriend A Child over on the Frankie Magazine blog. I clicked right through because I think that a) kids in detention is just a ridiculous, senseless and criminal notion…

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Creativity Rad People Social Justice

Rad People

February 1, 2016
rin cat jumper nails

Do you see up there, in my blog’s menu, it says RAD PEOPLE? Rad People is a special part of my blog reserved for people who are doing ace things. In the past, Rad People have included Clem Ford, David Bowie, Oliver Jeffers. Chili Philly, Taylor Swift, What Katie Ate, Lara from Frankie, Clare Bowditch, Poppy + Zali. To name a tiny few. The list goes on. And on and on. The thing is, there are lots of people (famous…

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Pip-Life Rad People Social Justice

End Violence Against Women

December 4, 2015
clementine ford

Today I’m taking part in Kerri Sackville’s  #endviolenceagainstwomen campaign on Twitter. If you’re not sure what it’s about, let me catch you up. (I know I don’t normally talk about tough stuff very much here, but this is really important!) One of my favourite – and one of Australia’s bravest – writers, Clementine Ford* has been the target of an unfathomable amount of online abuse since she started writing in the public domain. This abuse is becoming more and more offensive, threatening…

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