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:: The Only Calendar You Need Next Year!

  Aw. Sass Cocker from Ask Alice (and Little Gold) plus her band of clever pals have come up with yet another fabulous calendar RIGHT when you need to be buying awesome things for great people. Proceeds from the Hip Hop Hooray 2015 Calendar go to charity (Heaps Decent, to be exact) so you know you’re getting BRILL for your BUCK! Illustrators/designers of this cavalcade of ch-ch-ch-check-it-out-ness include: Cristina Muffatti, Dawn Tan, Elena Fombertaux, Jeffrey Phillips, Fantastic Miss Fox, Joyce Wong, Lyn Tran of draw&explore, Magdalena Ksiezak, Rebecca Hayes, Sarah Dunk, Timothy

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:: The Frankie + Friends Garage Sale

  I’ve had some awesome finds at garage sales, but my super-best-find-ever was when someone sold us a box of second-hand dolls for $40 or so when we still had our shop in Richmond. I didn’t really look at them carefully, because they looked like an awesome job lot of shiny-haired plastic ladies, but later we discovered an original Blythe doll hiding in the bottom of the box! How cool is that? I know! Later I had to sell poor Blythe to pay the rent, but it was nice to look after her

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:: Ali MacGraw Crafts

Hello! I’ve been watching Love Story and looking at pictures of Ali MacGraw. What a legend. I love these shots of her pretending to craft/crafting.  I was just watching the end when Cam came in from being out. He arrived playing a bongo. I can highly recommend this if you are prone to tears at the end of sad movies. Just get someone to wander by and play a bongo. It’ll totally take the edge off the tragedy and you’ll find you use heaps less tears/tissues.  He then showed me a ‘puffy’ framed

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:: Hello Donut Head!

  Some people are just so awesome. Sigh. You know that thing when someone likes your Instagram photo, so you go and look at theirs? Yes? Well, today I was sitting here, in my fave ugly silver Birks and the dress I have been wearing every day this week (because… love!) and I followed that like-trail back to ChiliPhilly. I am so glad I did. Not only is this hooking Mister’s work super funny, it’s really clever and artfully made too! I don’t want to spill all the beans, so

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:: What Katie Ate + Hugo & Elsa!

  Hi! Guess what? I’m so excited about this great thing that two of my fave bloggers are doing together! They’ve teamed up to do a fast but fabulous tour of some of the ace-est/prettiest parts of Tasmania. If you ever wanted to know where to eat, sip, shop and swoon Katie and Michelle are doing all the hard work for you (totes rigorous!) and sharing the Tassie trip! You might already know that Michelle is a Tasmania local, so who better to show off some of the best bits?!

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:: A Dress A Day With Lillian Weber

I saw this story on Facebook and thought you guys might love it too! Lillian Weber is 99 years old, lives in Iowa and makes a dress every day for a child in Africa via the Little Dresses For Africa project. The dresses are made from repurposed pillowcases (more on how to make them here) and Lillian starts on each dress in the morning, takes a break at lunchtime and the finishes her daily dress in the afternoon. So great. Lillian’s made 840 dresses so far and she’s aiming for 1000

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:: Rinday & This Is 50

image by Kristin Perers Today I went into the city and had lunch with Rin. We went to Grand BBQ again.  Before I met her I bought Ari a copy of The Roots ‘How I Got Over’ and nipped into Magnation and bought the latest Anthology Magazine. I really like that magazine. I am so happy, actually, that there are so many magazines that are NON-stupid and made for people like us. In the old days magazines were more stupid and for shiny, toothy, sparkly people. NOW there are magazines for

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:: The Big Hearted Business Creative Retreat

Guess what? I’m teaching at the Big Hearted Business Creative Retreat! Clare invited me, Jesse Neave and Rowe Timson (who are all amazingly lovely and smart people!) to head to Ubud in September and work with a small group of creative guests. HOW EXCITING!

:: GirlUp + Pippit!

I wanted to tell you about two really interesting new things! Because I think they are SUPER great! And I know you want to know about great stuff! Let’s go!

:: Pip’s Non-Sucky Wedding-y Tips

All of a sudden, everything is bridal in my world. NO, I am not getting married, although last night I did have a dream that Jon Bon Jovi was my boyfriend.. OMG! Weird. I don’t even like Bon Jovi… Hair bands aside, over the last few weeks, a whole bunch of wedding-appropriate things have entered by life. Let me tell you about them: 1. Frock – Era Vintage Bride Right next door to our shop is a beautiful vintage bridal boutique. The dresses in there are pretty confections and if

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:: Stuff I Learned On The Weekend

I spoke at Clare Bowditch’s Big Hearted Business unConference on the weekend. It was ace. Every bit as good as last year. Possibly even better. Like roolly. How lucky are we to have people like CB and Marty and their gang? They spend gazillions of hours planning awesome events that are actually truly life changing. I know. That sounds cult-y, but it’s really true. Last year’s set me on a whole new path and I am SO GLAD I hung about for a weekend to soak up the ideas and

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:: Rad People: Samantha Cotterill

  I am really super-liking this work by Samantha Cotterill. I stumbled across it via Pinterest, which led me down the rabbit hole that is Society 6. Perhaps you are already a Society 6 fan? You are OSC (One Smart Cookie!) There’s heaps of great stuff over there. It’s a bit like a a simplified version of Etsy for illustrators/artists. You can buy their work in all kinds of formats: from t-shirts to mugs to laptop skins. (I bought this one, accidentally. Whoops!) Samantha Cotterill is also OSC because she’s

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:: Rad People: The Kate Berrys

  One Kate Berry lives in the Northern Hemisphere. One Kate Berry lives in the Southern Hemisphere. Both Kates take beautiful shots and share them on their tandem blog The Other Kate Berry. It’s a great photo project built for two and I’m addicted to looking at it, waiting for updates. This is just the kind of clever samey-same the internet needs. YES! Good one Kate Berrys. Doing your thing! x Pip PS: Do you have the same name as someone else? I really do not! (The lefty photos are

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