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‘Rad People’

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:: Rad People: Samantha Cotterill

April 16, 2014

  I am really super-liking this work by Samantha Cotterill. I stumbled across it via Pinterest, which led me down the rabbit hole that is Society 6. Perhaps you are already a Society 6 fan? You are OSC (One Smart Cookie!) There's heaps of great stuff over there. It's a bit like ...

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:: Rad People: The Kate Berrys

March 18, 2014

  One Kate Berry lives in the Northern Hemisphere. One Kate Berry lives in the Southern Hemisphere. Both Kates take beautiful shots and share them on their tandem blog The Other Kate Berry. It's a great photo project built for two and I'm addicted to looking at it, waiting for updates. This is ...

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:: Rad People: Julia Rothman: Hello NY

  This morning I got up early and tried to feel normal. I've been feeling peaky for days but trying to pretend I'm fine. I usually do my morning workout before 7 (and some other stuff) but today I felt too bleurgh. So I made some tea and headed to Feedly ...

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