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The Bartholomew family do Cuba!

February 12, 2016
hailey b

  My friends Hailey, Andrew, Zali and Poppy went to Cuba for Intrepid Travel. Yep. They made a gorgeous film, as they are wonderfully wont to do and it’s going to have you itching to get out in the sunshine, travel, eat delicious things, twirl in colourful dresses and be all joyful and goofy with the people you love the most. I love these guys so much! They are the take-a-big-ace-bite-out-of-life type of people. Pretty much everything they do is…

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Rad People Social Justice

Befriend A Child

February 2, 2016
marcel marlier

  A little while ago I wrote about becoming a pen pal to an asylum seeking child in detention. (It seems that the program has been inundated with enquiries – so if you had tried to get in touch with them, know that.) Yesterday I read about another important program called Befriend A Child over on the Frankie Magazine blog. I clicked right through because I think that a) kids in detention is just a ridiculous, senseless and criminal notion…

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Rad People

February 1, 2016
rin cat jumper nails

Do you see up there, in my blog’s menu, it says RAD PEOPLE? Rad People is a special part of my blog reserved for people who are doing ace things. In the past, Rad People have included Clem Ford, David Bowie, Oliver Jeffers. Chili Philly, Taylor Swift, What Katie Ate, Lara from Frankie, Clare Bowditch, Poppy + Zali. To name a tiny few. The list goes on. And on and on. The thing is, there are lots of people (famous…

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