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Good Things We’ve Been Eating

Content note: This post discusses depression and anxiety (as well as food!) I have been cooking a lot of things and resting a lot of late. Doesn’t that sound sloth-ish? It’s not really though because years of tough times, anxiety…

lucky charms
Nice Life Reminders Pip-Life

How To Get Lucky

I scrolled through an article on women who wear special things for good luck this morning, and it got me wondering about lucky things. I know that people might wear lucky undies when they have to tackle an important…

craft Etsy handmade Pip-Life

Hello Cute Yarn Bowls and Random Things

If you’ve ever met a ball of yarn, you will know how knotty/naughty they can be.  Luckily some genius invented yarn bowls and then some other geniuses took them from utilitarian product to delightful pal, applying a whopping dose…

Weekend notes - samosas hubby community kitchen
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Aubergine Saturday and Samosa Sunday

You may or may not know that in the wake of the horrendous Grenfell Tower fire, a community kitchen – called Hubb Community Kitchen – played an important role in supporting those who’d been caught up in the should-never-have-happened horrific…