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:: One + Four = Life: Riberty Frogs, Printing, Pals & PomPoms

one: the one where you and your pals all have books out! two: this little suitcase contained my pompom arsenal for Wednesday’s workshop three: Riberty frogs – from my new book (made from Liberty prints, of course!) four: fabric paint for my latest project Hello! Sunday arvo rolls around again, so it must be time for One + Four = Life. The idea is to share four photos that sum up one week of your life (the week just gone). One (week) + Four (photos) =  (your) Life. It’s a kind of photographic algebra, isn’t it? Or not. Here’s my week.

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:: The One Where Your Book Comes Out And Your Realise You’ve Been Holding Your Breath For A Few Months

  “Do you ever have those days where your heart just feels glow-y and warm because you have good people in your life and a supportive bunch behind you (even people you have never met?!) I’m having one of those super-feels days. Thanks so much for helping me with stuff, guys.”  – Actual update from my Facebook today   Do you know what? I have been feeling a bit freaked out because my book was coming out. I’ve been feeling panicked, in fact. It’s like some sneaky, quite serious and in fact, debilitating book-related anxiety snuck its way into most

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:: Giveaway & Taking Stock With Michelle Crawford

  Hello. Hi. Are you well? I am well thanks. Did you know my book came out on Wednesday? It did! I’ve been so busy doing a workshop and some radio (listen to a radio slot here) and interviews. It’s been heaps of fun and I am excited that my book will be in bookshops now. People get to buy it and snuggle down and read it. I read it again last night and I enjoyed it a lot (!) Of course, some other favourite people I know have released books recently too. Michelle Mackintosh set her Snail Mail free.

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:: One + Four = Life : Pad Thai, Boots, Books & Gigs

one : A Table In The Orchard by Michelle Crawford, tea and beads (and my book!) two : My favourite boots. Bought from Vintage Sole on my street three : My house looking tidier than usual (and Homeland) four : Pad Thai Geesh. I have had such a big week. My eyes are popping out and I must admit I had a tiny meltdown this morning, feeling the weight of it all. It’s okay though. I am fine now. Sometimes you just need to release that valve and things make more sense. A hot bath with lavender oil can help

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:: Craft For The Soul : A Peek At Some Bits Of My Book (& The Book Shoot!)

  Above are some pics from our shoot. Now that the book is nearly out, I can spill some of the beans. It was just one day, but it was super busy! Julie Renouf was the photographer (she is ace – as was her assistant!) and Michelle Mackintosh came along to style the book as a super special guest. We also had Team Penguin (including my publisher Kirsten Abbott) on board, of course! And Cam & me. Mais oui! We also had a very important visit from Katie with her cute-as-a-button baby and her gorgeous puppy (both pop up in

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:: Taking Stock : April

  It’s time for a little bit of a think-tank-de-moi! A chance to stop, have a cup of tea and work out what is happening in my life, right now. Without further ado, I’m going to do the Take Stock thing. Here’s what’s going on… Making : three different blankets. Oh my gosh. What am I like? Cooking : Family Feast – on Sunday night we had this and it was yummy (we also had meringues!) Drinking : tea and the occasional glass of wine (go figure!) Reading: lots of blogs. Like heaps. Wanting: to not have a stomach ache

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:: One + Four = Life : Crochet, Eggy Things & Books

one: a peek at my new book Craft For The Soul two: progress on my #100DayProject three: still an abundance of Easter eggs floating around my place four: egg cups – found at the Abbotsford Salvation Army   Do you know what I have realised? I really don’t take that many photos! I think when you are constantly publishing online, as a blogger or a writer or whatever, you tend to either take A LOT of photos of everything, second-nature like OR you go in the other direction and keep your candid, personal moments just that. I am in the

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:: Comfort Food. Ten Percent Delicious.

  I was reading this article on Monday. It was all about comfort food. As I sat in the comfort of my lounge room, sipping a large cup of (comforting) tea and absently smoothing the discarded foil wrap of my (comforting) Easter egg, I got to thinking about what comfort food means to me. The article said that comfort food was more about attachments or connections than calories, that we are comforted by the links various foods have to people and places, rather than simply the taste or carb-laden #faileo ranking. I’m inclined to agree. For me, comfort food is

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:: Tapes & Movements

  In the olden days, when you wanted to follow a program, you needed tapes. Cassettes. You’d often have to buy them from the back of a magazine or some such. They might be about changing the way you think or losing weight or making money, learning a language. You’d send away, coupon and cheque, and the tapes would slowly wing their way to you in the post. Then you’d sit in your room/house/car and listen to them. You’d sit alone and learn about the thing. It was early days in the whole movement stakes. Things have changed. We don’t really have

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:: 10 Things I Realised About Creativity When I Went On The Radio (& A Recipe for Corn Chowder)

Yesterday, Rachel Power (author/editor of Motherhood & Creativity), Clare Bowditch and myself were on the radio to talk about juggling parenting and creativity, with a bit of a focus on Rachel’s (great) new book. I love doing radio. There is none of the stress of looking nice and all of the opportunity to talk about things that are important to you. Jon Faine’s program, The Conversation Hour is a bit of a Melbourne institution and I felt very lucky to get a chance to be part of it. We all got to speak about our own creative lives and the

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:: Eat A Croque!

  Hello! Are you well? I am well. My wrist is all healed and I am going to start crocheting again tomorrow. I am looking forward to it as I was quite forlorn sans crochet over the weekend. It was still nice, don’t get me wrong, but I have a blanket to finish and its been staring at me from its basket for many, many days now. I will be very glad to get back to it. The weather is cool and drizzly here. I saw three girls wearing tartan today (one was me) which is a sure sign that

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:: It’s My Birthday!

  Hello peaches! How are you today? I am good… It’s my birthday!!!! I am having a nice time with my family and looking forward to a yummy dinner later (at home!) too. I am the Queen of Homebodies, I tell ya. I need a sash and a crown and a special pair of slippers to properly claim my title. Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes so far. It’s pretty nice to be on the receiving end of so much kindness and hip-hip-hooraying! Have the very best kind of weekend, won’t you? x Pip

:: In The Middle Of Our Street

  Last year, on the last day of my Hobart trip, Mum and I went for a big drive around all our old haunts. We drove past all the houses we lived in before we left Tasmania and moved to Western Australia and I took photos and filed them way.  I found them again today while I was sifting through some old files. I think they belong on my blog and I thought it would be nice to write about these homes. When we left I was only nine, so my memories of these houses are obviously super childish. The top

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Taking Stock : March

  I thought it was HIGH TIME I did my March Taking Stock. I’ve really been doing quite a lot of different things and it’s always pretty nice to reflect on that and realise where I am (and how lucky I am, I guess!) If you’d like to Take Stock in March – head to the bottom of this post and cut and paste the list across to your blog. If you’d like us to visit you, add yourself to the  LINKY list too (it’s also at the bottom of this post – but you have to actually visit my

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