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:: Who Are Your Trusty Faves?

April 18, 2014

    Do you know what? There are SO MANY THINGS on the internet. ALL OF THE THINGS. It's quite overwhelming, right? Not only that, everyone is trying to tell you that their things are the best things in the world. (Which makes me think of '...gem sweater in the world!'… but I ...

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:: Can You Give Me A Squeeze?

April 14, 2014

Hullo! I'm feeling a bit worn out. Do you think you could give me a bit of a squeeze across the internets? I am really totally lucky, because I get to work on lots of really great things. But sometimes it's a bit tiring, ya know? It piles up a bit.

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:: Books Are Not Tabs (The Internet Is Changing Our Brains!)

April 13, 2014

Brainz. Brainz. Brainz…. This may or may not be a post about zombies. Okay. It's actually not. This is really a post about a lady I met on a plane (Dhe!) and a thing I thought in the bath. I have a reading problem. There. I've said it. I've been worrying about ...

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