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Just One Last Poem!

(Don’t worry. I have finished my poetry unit! I’m doing short fiction now!) Here is my final poem – made from an earlier poem I revised. It’s about daydreaming and taking walks in the bushy park near my house…

Cottles Bridge weekend
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: In May!

Hello, peaches! You know what time it is? It’s time to take stock! If you haven’t ever done this, maybe today is the day to do so? You could just grab a notebook and get started? Or tap your…

Eat Pip-Life

Thanks for the cosy memories, Two-Can Soup

When I was a kid one of the most comforting things we’d have for a rainy day lunch or after school snack was soup. By soup, I mean canned soup. We’d cleverly combine a tin of tomato soup with…