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:: Stella

  Aw man. My friend rang me this morning to let me know that Stella Young had passed away. I’m so sad about this, I can’t even tell you. I feel like I’ve been punched in the heart. What do we do now? Sheesh. We’ve know Stella for close to ten years, since we had our old shop in Richmond and she used to visit and come to stitching nights and the

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:: Sunday Lunch: Salmon Patties, Leafy Panzanella & Guacamole

Jeepers it’s been rainy in Melbourne. We had planned to go camping this weekend, but the rain was stretching from Victoria through to NSW and sitting in a drippy tent, trying not to be blow away seemed like a silly idea. Instead, we stayed home, ate delicious things and watched Gilmore Girls.  We also put our Christmas tree up, I finished online shopping for the kids’ prezzies and we drank

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:: My Blog Is 8 Years Old Today!

Woah! 8 years! I am not making a big deal of it. Thank you for reading. It means a lot. Truly rooly. For realz. Love your pal, Pip xx Support the ladies and kids!    

:: Here Is My New Book!

  Woah. My new book is starting to pop up as a listing in online bookstores, so I thought I had better pip them at the post (!) and give you a CUTE LOOK at the cover!  AND what it’s called! AND what it’s about!!!! I am having a tiny cry, sitting in my chilly lounge room all by myself. It’s such a BIG feeling to see a book finally

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:: 3 Great Australian Books I’ve Read Lately

  A few people have been asking me about what I am reading, or what I recommend. Here’s some thoughts and ideas on books you might like (and books I really did like!) I’ve put the Kobo eBook links* for each book at the end of my little blurb (in case you are not in Australia and have trouble tracking them down!) 1. The Strays by Emily Bitto Emily Bitto

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:: The One About Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you ever made these cookies? They are really yum. This is a recipe I have been using for 20 zillion years. It’s the one that I had published in the Frankie Afternoon Tea book (and it’s also in my book Sew La Tea Do!) They are tried and true and here for you. *titter* I made a bunch of these yesterday and they went down a treat with the

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:: Yum! Potato, Pea and Pasta Soup

Blue bowl from Kevala in Ubud, Bali : Napkin from the Salvation Army : Wooden plate from a garage sale : spoon from wherever you get spoons… Here is what I made for lunch today. Maybe you’d like to make it for lunch too? It’s good for dinner, even. Also, kids love it, if you know any kids you could make them have some too? You can put pancetta or bacon

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:: Surprise Camping!

  We were driving home from school on Friday afternoon. The sun was streaming in the car windows, the day was peachy. I was talking about canoes, about how I had been looking at old canoes online and was thinking that would be a great thing to get for Christmas. As we headed up Gertrude Street, past Birdman Eating, Trippy Taco and Fatto A Mano the traffic slowed. A car

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:: How To Write A Book The Pip Way

  Did you know my great-grandfather wrote over 50 books? It’s true. I often wondered why I love the process of writing books so much. Then I found out about my prolific relative and it all started to make sense. I think those writer-ly genes are pretty strong. I know that they explain much of the why of my creative life. I feel a bit like my job-of-choice is a titch preordained. (And

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:: I Finished A Thing! The Granny Ripple Blanket!

  It’s a bit BIG to photograph nicely in its entirety, but I will work something out and show you the FULL blankie (all spread out) ASAP! This is a simple granny ripple crochet pattern. Maybe I should do a how-to? Do you think that would be helpful? x Pip

:: Lightness and Flashback Feelings

The last of the Ubud photos!   Gosh. Sometimes I think I need a slap. I had such a good day today, you might want to roll your eyes at me. I’m carrying that ‘lightness’ that you get when you have had a break, done work you loved and hung out with great people. Cool, right? Perhaps it stems from taking my own advice. Yes. It’s probably that. I had

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:: Drinking – Reading – Eating – Watching

  Hello! I got home at 3am on Sunday morning and have wasted NO TIME doing a few nice things (including a bit of dozing on the couch!) Here’s a little catch-up… Drinking Aperol Spritz which I had never had until I went to Heart Attack and Vine with Rin. Now we are making them at home as an afternoon tipple and they are so deliciously refreshing and yum! The recipe

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:: Ubud-ing Along

Hello! It’s quite early in the day in Ubud and I’m doing a bit of writing before activities for the day start. We’re all having the loveliest time! There is something about the pace of Bali that makes everything so much more calm and dozy. I am liking the contrast to Melbourne life and super glad of the gear shift, to be honest. I can’t tell you too much about

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:: Happy Birthday Blog With Pip!

Can you even believe Blog With Pip is ONE YEAR OLD today?! I can’t. I really CAN NOT! I never really excepted BWP to be as successful and personally rewarding as it has been, let alone all the other good stuff that’s happened BWP-style. I’ve really got so much out of teaching new bloggers to strut their stuff. There have been so many lessons in the kindness of others, collective

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