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Hello Champs!

Hello! I just wanted to pop in and give you a little wave. I have been very busy researching and writing a new book – and I am liking doing that very, very much.…

The Fish Ladder by Katharine Norbury

The Right Place At The Right Time

I’m reading a book that I am really loving at the moment. You know those books where you ration every chapter because you don’t want it to end? It’s that kind of a book, for me at least.…

Meet Me At Mike's
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A Quite Dodgy PipCast

I know, I know. Podcasts are meant to have fancy music and be edited and tell a story masterfully. My PipCast does none of that. What it DOES have is a platypus, though. Listen at your own peril.…

Elton John
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Listening To Things

My old car didn’t even have a stereo in it. It had a hopeful gap where the stereo should have been. It also had some other amazing and unique features, including dents in the boot and the rear passenger…

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What I’m Doing On The Weekend

Remember when you returned to school after the holidays and your teacher would tell you to sit down, shoosh up and write about what you just did? Well this is sort of like that, but the opposite, so not…

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Time Capsules Are My Fave

I was talking to kiddo and his friend about time capsule apartments/houses/shops the other day, and they thought it was super cool, so I thought… “I might post about that on my blog!”  So here goes!…