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I’ve Got This Thing About Books

September 14, 2015
pips books eleven

When you move house, you REALLY know how many books you have. You know because you have to carry them all up the stairs at your new house, and if you are a real book lover like me (which you just might be!) your book collection probably trumps your ability to carry heavy boxes and you might even find yourself sitting on the floor of your new lounge room the day after you’ve moved in, weakly pushing boxes of books…

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Have You Seen Iris?

September 8, 2015
Iris Apfel

Last night, my friend Gemma and I went to see the movie Iris (about fashion icon Iris Apfel.) When I say last night, I mean yesterday afternoon, really, because we went to the ‘old lady’ session at 5pm (to see an ‘Old Lady’ movie! Snap!) Firstly, let me sing the virtues of my psychic abilities (i.e. guess-ability.) I guessed/predicted that there would be 8 people watching the movie at this particularly Nanna time. When we walked in there were SIX…

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Some Ideas On Who To See At The Melbourne Writers Festival!

August 13, 2015
Marilyn Monroe

Did you know that I’m speaking at the Melbourne Writers Festival next weekend? The festival runs from 20th to 30th August and it’s jam-packed, let me tell you! I’m so excited to be part of this really fabulous event and I’m especially lucky to be part of the great Digital DIY element of MWF15. My session is : How to be Creative I’m going to run through a bunch of practical tips and tricks to keep you on the straight and narrow…

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Ten Things I Loved This Week

August 9, 2015
Dont Be A Dick Club

Here are some things I loved this week. I hope you love them too. Or at least some of them. One even? Have a look and see… The Don’t Be A Dick Club More here. So good! (For the record I think EVERYONE is a dick at least a tiny bit of the time! We are human!)     A DIY Macrame Chair Over at Mollie Makes… So clever!     I’m speaking at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival! Grab a…

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