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:: Rad People: Julia Rothman: Hello NY

March 18, 2014

  This morning I got up early and tried to feel normal. I've been feeling peaky for days but trying to pretend I'm fine. I usually do my morning workout before 7 (and some other stuff) but today I felt too bleurgh. So I made some tea and headed to Feedly ...

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:: A Few Faves – The Nick Cave Edition

December 23, 2013

Yesterday all the kids were off doing their own thing (!) so (in the spirit of Christmas denial) Cam and I went for a wander down to Mario's for lunch. If you live in Melbourne or have been to Melbourne you may have been there too. If you haven't, you ...

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:: Blog With Pip In February

December 14, 2013

  Blog with Pip, my blogging eCourse is running again in February. You can find all the details (and even a Blog With Pip Gift Voucher) over here. ¬†And read what my November students had to say here (and meet some of the class too!) If you'd like to refresh your blog ...

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