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:: 3 Great Australian Books I’ve Read Lately

  A few people have been asking me about what I am reading, or what I recommend. Here’s some thoughts and ideas on books you might like (and books I really did like!) I’ve put the Kobo eBook links* for each book at the end of my little blurb (in case you are not in Australia and have trouble tracking them down!) 1. The Strays by Emily Bitto Emily Bitto is a cute-face, a foodie and a really great writer. This book is wonderful. If you’d like to experience Melbourne

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:: Thanks Four Corners

Gee. We’re so lucky to have Four Corners (and shows like The 7.30 Report and Compass too. Australian Story, even. I could go on). In these times of crappy, click-baity journalism it’s such a relief to see well researched, fact-checked, intelligently presented stories on our screens. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do like finding out about people’s amazing bums or odd things they got stuck in the plughole or lip-smacking strange obsessions. But more often then not, I’d rather find out about things that are more important than those. Just

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:: Drinking – Reading – Eating – Watching

  Hello! I got home at 3am on Sunday morning and have wasted NO TIME doing a few nice things (including a bit of dozing on the couch!) Here’s a little catch-up… Drinking Aperol Spritz which I had never had until I went to Heart Attack and Vine with Rin. Now we are making them at home as an afternoon tipple and they are so deliciously refreshing and yum! The recipe is on the back of the Aperol bottle (if you are not sure how to make them and you fancy

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:: Win Beci Orpin’s MAKE & DO!

  Oh hello! Look what landed on my doorstep! It’s Beci’s new book! Argh! (You can order this cute book here!) I am a big fan of Beci and Beci’s work too.  This beautiful book is another perfectly, joy-filled refection of the clever things she does and the ace gang of people she does them with!  Make & Do is jam-packed, full-to-the-brim with exiting, fun, adorable things to DIY by yourself or with the people YOU love the most. I really love the excellent sprinkling of pompoms, the papier mache taxidermy, the amazing

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:: A Film By Kirk & Gilmore Girls

HOW did I get to my age without watching Gilmore Girls before? I just don’t know. I’m at the end of Season Two and I have a whole world of Loreleis to go. Phew. I just watched the film night/car wreck/Jess persona non grata episodes. How great was Kirk’s film? How ace is it that Carole King runs the music shop? Really, I can’t write any more as I am too busy watching. Are you a fan of this cute/witty show? x Pip   PS : I love this via Flavorwire: The Reading

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:: Track. Book. Show. Drink. Yum.

  A mini check in, because I like checking in with you! Track: Belle & Sebastian’s I Want The World To Stop – Like. Really. This is my fave road trip track at the moment. My fellow passengers might just punch me in the neck, I love this/play this song so much. There’s something about the rollicking pace of this that makes me so happy. Are you a Belle & Sebastian fan? Book: The Chairs Are Where The People Go – I am loving this book! There is an hilarious review alert at that link (and also battling

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:: Do You Want To Talk About SERIAL?

  How much do you love an interesting story? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that question is, um, heaps. Stories are  the stuff that growth, connection and chatter are made of, and are especially compelling when they are real-life experiences, recounted masterfully.  That’s the kind of story we’ve been soaking up. Like zillions of other people, our chosen (masterfully told) story is via Serial (Ira Glass’s genius-y new podcast, partnering with producer Sarah Koenig and senior producer Julie Snyder.) Ira’s podcast is called Serial because it’s just that, a new-style, old-fashioned

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:: Good things. Nice cats.

Hey Babe-Faces! How are you? I am okay. I am. I think. I’ve been a bit ill, so I’m trying to sort that out. I’ll be right as rain before you know it! I thought I’d share some good stuff with you tonight. Beaming out the things from me to you! 1. A new song from Lisa Mitchell. She’s such an ace gal, right? I found this via my friend Alanka. 2. I’m thinking about Ubud a lot, so I’m reading this book (found via the Ubud Writer’s Festival hashtag!)

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:: The Bumper List Of Movies To Watch With Kids

  Okay. It’s the school holidays here, end of Week One. All is going v well. My kids are pretty self-sufficient in the holiday stakes. They know how to keep themselves entertained (mostly because they are practically all grown ups now!) At my place the holidays usually involve a) eating b) eating c) band practice d) having friends over or e) gaming. Sometimes all of the above. There is a lot of eating, obviously. I don’t know where they get that from… Perhaps your kids are less grown up and

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:: These Books Are So Cute, Right?

Hello peaches! How are you? I am good! Tired and happy and enjoying a little bit of time away from home (but missing the peeps, of course! You know, I have a couple of these cute books. Have you seen/got any? I walked into a bookstore here in Bali yesterday and they had the set (the English versions). I bought a new one, because the nice dude behind the counter gave us a bunch of old newspapers (which we’d been trying to track down all day) for free. It seemed

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:: Mollie Makes | Free Digital Issue

Hello peaches! The lovely folk at Mollie Makes would like to give iPad and iPhone users a free digital copy of their ace mag. How nice is that? Thanks MM! I really love this magazine. Not only have they been super supportive of the things I do, they feature creatives from all over the world and lots of cute projects too! What’s not to love about that?! There blog is totally under-rated. Get yoself subscribing to that, too! (If you like!) Apart from their usual magazine, Mollie Makes has a whole bunch of

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:: Last Night At Pretty In Pink

Oh my gosh. Last night I screened Pretty In Pink for a bunch of great people as part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed Festival. I did not realise how great this was going to feel until I sat down (next to Veggie Mama) and the movie started. Everyone was giggling and chatting quietly. The excitement was palpable! I had a tiny cry as it all began to unfold. And then I mostly laughed/cringed/hid behind my hands (so many DAMP kissing bits!) It was so much fun. It’s not often that

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:: The Walking Book Club: August (Late!)

I’m so sorry I am running late with this! To be honest, I was not sure if anyone was playing along. Yesterday’s post showed me that many of you are! Cool! Thanks for sharing that!

:: What I’m Watching: Rebecca

  Oh my gosh.