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Printable: Stock Images To DIY This Weekend

Here’s a print-and-do list of images you can pull together for your image library. That way, when you’ve just written the world’s best post and need that perfect/personal image to highlight it, you’ll be cleverly prepared and ready-to-rumble! You’re…

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25 ‘Stock’ Photos To DIY

Have you ever been caught image-less when you’ve needed to publish a post? Perhaps you have resorted to trawling back through old, less-than-ideal shots in the hope of finding something to accompany your text? Sometimes this pays dividends, but…

Blog BWP Image Tips

Create Your Own Image Library

I’m surprised when I see personal blogs using standard (purchased) stock images. I totally get that not everyone is a gun photographer and that it can seem easier than creating your own image, but I’m really not a fan.…

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A Bit About Making Ace Videos

Perhaps you want to mix things up and create some interesting multi-media content for your blog? Videos are a fun, not-too-tricky way to do that. Not only do they capture things that it can be hard to express in…

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A Hack’s Guide To Photoshop

Hacks Guide To Photoshop from pip lincolne on Vimeo. The password for this video is: billyidol Here’s a little run through of Photoshop, for those who aren’t sure how it works. It’s not a tutorial, as such, but rather…