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:: Crochet The World’s Easiest Tea Cosy

  Here’s what I did today! I was having a bit of a sad day, so I thought a pompommy tea cosy would TOTALLY cheer things up. It really worked. I feel MUCH brighter. If you need a cheer up, you might like to make one too?! Project Notes: If you don’t know how to make a granny square, I

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:: How To Make A Liberty House

This post is sponsored by Annie Sloan Unfolded, the nice people who distribute Chalk Paint™ in Australia : Follow them on Facebook here for more bright ideas!   Make A Liberty House! You will need: + A knick-knack shelf (also called shadow box) like this. Mine was a house shaped one and there are quite a few on eBay. Check there, Etsy or your local op-shop/thrift

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:: The Last Thing I Bought On Etsy, #52Hellos & More

  Well. The most RECENT thing, is what I really mean. I love these cards so much, I bought a set of eight. I am going to send them as part of #52hellos – unless I can’t bear to part with them. That is highly probable too. It’s going to be a year of stationery at my house and I could

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:: How To Make A Vintage Style Tea Cosy

  I’ve been making this tea cosy on and off for the last few days. It’s based on a vintage cosy style (I see a lot of op shop tea cosies in my travels!)  Many of those cute, retro tea cosies are based on a simple pattern of six granny squares joined together to make up each side. Then you crochet some

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:: Make This! An Age Before Beauty Blanket!

  This blanket is super colourful and snazzy right? It’s such a good beginner’s project (and even though I am not a beginner, I loved making this too!) It’s fast to make and best of all it’s got a cute twist. Let me tell you more…   How To Make An Age Before Beauty Blanket You will need: + Balls

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:: Stitch A Moomin?

Aw man! These just popped up on Twitter via those clever people at Sublime Stitching, so I had to tell you about them right away. Of course Tove is the best, but I love Sublime Stitching a lot too because they really opened my eyes to how fun and customisable embroidery could be. It’s not all geese and floral baskets,

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:: Crochet A Paper Chain

It’s time to decorate the house. Are you getting all festive and sparkly at yours? We are slowly getting things sorted. We’ve put the tree up and the advent too. And we’ve done our Christmas window, of course! I am going to make a few other bits and bobs over the next week… Something about making things well and truly

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:: Weekend Sponsor Project – Herringbone Floor Mat

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by my sponsor Annie Sloan UNFOLDED Last month, our in-house artist and trainer, Jane Drew, worked hard on a standout herringbone floorcloth, which now lines our office’s hallways. Using a sheet of linoleum and an assortment of hand-mixed Chalk Paint®, Jane’s project provides the perfect entrance to our new studio. Jane began her mat by cutting a

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:: The Softies For Mirabel Window

  Oh hello! Hope you are well! I just wanted to pop in to say Softies For Mirabel for 2014 is GO! We’ve been super busy getting everything sorted and it’s now ready for your viewing pleasure! (If you’re not sure what Softies For Mirabel is, or you want to find out how to join in. Head here for all the details. It’s not

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:: Paint Yourself A Paper Flower Advent Calendar

This post is sponsored by Annie Sloan Unfolded, the nice people who distribute Chalk Paint™ in Australia : Follow them on Facebook here for more bright ideas!   Look! This is our advent calendar for this year! Remember last year’s? I liked that a lot, but we thought we’d try something new this year. SO, I made these cute paint poured bottles in

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:: Cute DIY Christmassy-ness Times TEN!

Let’s face it. It’s GOING TO HAPPEN! Here’s ten festively colourful, decorative things to get you moving with on the Christmas thing! (If that’s your thing!) Lovely festive DIY lacing cards by Mr Printables : here (above!) Christmas peanuts by Raw Bone Studio : here Paper snowflake ballerinas by Krokotak : here Merry and bright string art by You Are My

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:: I Finished A Thing! The Granny Ripple Blanket!

  It’s a bit BIG to photograph nicely in its entirety, but I will work something out and show you the FULL blankie (all spread out) ASAP! This is a simple granny ripple crochet pattern. Maybe I should do a how-to? Do you think that would be helpful? x Pip

:: Good Things

  Here are some good things! moths by Yumi Okita hearts by It’s A Heart Heart Season wallpaper by Perron 11 paper craft by Jared Schorr apple balloons by Studio DIY Which one is your fave? x Pip  

:: My Fave Things On The Internet Today

These! Argh. I love the woolly stitching. Super beautiful, folksy work. Even though it’s warm in Melbourne, looking at these makes me want to wriggle my mitts into them! What’s your fave thing on the internet today? x pip

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