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Hooray! I’m An Etsy Creative Courage Challenge Mentor!

August 18, 2015
fabric badges

Guess what? I’m working with Etsy Australia as a mentor on their launched-today Creative Courage Challenge! Etsy’s featured consistently on Meet Me At Mike’s since I started blogging 9 years ago. It’s pretty ace to be partnering with them on this helpful project. ‘What even IS the Creative Courage Challenge?’ you might be wondering.  Well, it’s a free online program designed to support and nurture designers, makers and crafters who are setting up creative businesses on Etsy. The program covers essential Etsy business/shop fundamentals, but also digs a bit…

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craft handmade

It’s A Year Of Blankets (Apparently!)

July 21, 2015
craft for the soul shoot seven

Somehow this year, I’ve become quite fixated on making blankets. Just when I get finished on one, I’m suddenly making another. Mostly, I make them for the special people in my life. There’s really nothing like giving the gift of crocheted cosiness to let people know you care, right? Here’s where I’m up to in my impromptu Year Of Blankets…     I finished the Age Before Beauty Blanket in January. You can find out how to make it here. I…

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Craft Attack! Blackbird + The Owl

July 6, 2015
blackbird and the owl

  When I find a bag or purse I love, I like to keep it and use it for 124 years. I’m not really into chopping and changing things up. I’m not that kind of fashion girl. Instead, I like to find things I super love and use or wear them over and over. It’s not just accessories I do this with. I wear the same favourite dresses a lot. The same favourite shoes, much of the time. I don’t…

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Patch Things Up?

June 29, 2015
MokuyobiThreads feature

  Pretty much the entire reason I joined the Brownies was because of the patches/badges and the special guide-book. They seemed so CUTE and were a sure sign of being awesomely accomplished and capable, as far as I was concerned. Sadly I was a bit of a Brownie fail because a) I didn’t like the colour brown (which the uniform most definitely was) and b) I also dropped the occasional blasphemous expression (Oh my god! For god’s sake! Oh hell!)…

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