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:: Ta-dah! Meet Me At Mike’s Friendly Craft Workshops

July 22, 2014

Hello! I am so excited to announce my new workshops with a friendly difference! I love teaching workshops and I love making friends and I love hosting people and feeding them too. With that in mind, I am bundling all those loves into one really cute and fun package! The Meet ...

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:: Rad Happenings!

July 16, 2014

 Life-size fibreglass rhinoceros Sydney-based artist Georgia Perry designed as part of Taronga Zoo’s Wild Rhino Trail. Oh hello! Here are some things that are happening in Melbourne! I wanted to tell you about these ones because these people are really awesome and you might like to support the things they do (or at ...

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:: Tutorial: Larksfoot Crochet and a #larksfootalong

July 10, 2014

I really like to crochet. One of my favourite stitches is the Larksfoot stitch. It's the one I use a lot and it's pretty fast and easy to do which is a bonus, right?! I've made  a fresh new tutorial to show you how to Larksfoot a scarf. Follow along ...

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