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Make THIS: Finger knit a Snug Life rug

June 23, 2016
meet me at mikes snug life bedside rug

:: This project is sponsored by Spotlight ::    Hello! You know, the moment after your feet leave your slippers, but pre-under-blanket snuggle is an important one. Hence, I’ve hatched this easy-to-make bedside rug! Not only does it take just a few hours in front of Outlander/Game of Thrones to complete, it a welcome home for tootsies at the snoozier end of the day. Also… when you get up in the morning, and your feet hit the floor, they will really…

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Winter hats for pompom lovers…

June 15, 2016

You know, the bigger the pompom, the closer to God*? Right?! I am sure Dolly Parton WOULD have said that, had she discovered a crochet hook before she stumbled upon hairspray… Hooks and hair aside, here’s a bunch of delightful head cosies for those of us who not only have cold ears, but also feel the need to put our best pom forward. Honestly, I can think of nothing better than festooning my head with one of these delightful specimens.…

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Tock! Tick! Bon Chic!

June 9, 2016
bon chic amaringo watches

Hello Peaches. Guess what? My friends Michelle and Steve came back from Tokyo with a few little treats for me. So lucky, right?  The treats reminded me of the times, back in 2006 and 2007 when craft bloggers were some of the most prolific bloggers in Australia (there were hardly any food and fitness bloggers!) and how enamoured and influenced we all were with/by the Japanese craft aesthetic. We’d all pore over Japanese craft books and scour eBay and Etsy for new…

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MOOD? Blanket-y.

June 1, 2016
ohhio by anna mo

  Brr. Last night I went out for dinner and when I was walking to the tram, on my way home the night air was so, so cold. Each time I took a breath it made me cough. It must have been 4 degrees, I swear! THEN, when I was on the tram, the dip my friend gave me leaked all over my shopping bag and the crackers she gave me and the cheese she gave me too. Everything covered…

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Get fluffy: Sometimes pompoms are just next-level

May 9, 2016
amazing pompoms by trikotri

  Holy smoke. As much as I love my pompoms-of-Fraggleness-and-heart-shaped-inclusive-ness, there is NO denying that THESE pompoms are actually the world’s best. They are the total greatest. Snaffle yourself a copy of this amazing pompom making book here. Or from here. (Or search online for ‘Cute Pompom Animals by Trikotri!) Then you can learn how to make these swoon-worthy, fluffy creatures too! You could also follow this amazingly rad pompom maker – Trikotri –  on Facebook and on Instagram (a total MUST-DO!) How great are these?! Gah!    …

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Eight wantable things I found on Etsy this afternoon

May 2, 2016
etsy finds

Hello! How are things? I am good. I am cramming in as much craft as possible, between work-y things. This sometimes makes it hard to do bloggy things, but I am making a break for it RIGHT NOW. I’m ignoring the light-box that is begging me to switch it on and transfer some designs from paper to fabric (for embroidering later on.) The truth is, the light is failing and it’s MUCH better to embroider in good, bright day light.…

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15 cute, colourful things I can teach you to crochet

April 28, 2016
featured image

There are lots of crochet how-tos tucked away on this here blog. I thought I would gather a few into a post, in case you feel like getting out the hook and making something woolly! They’re pretty simple to work up too. You just need to know a few basic stitches and then follow along. I think simple is best – that it’s colour choice and positioning that really make a project sing.     If you’d like to learn…

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Look & Win! ‘Care Packages’ by Michelle Mackintosh

April 27, 2016
michelle mackintosh care packages 2

Hardie Grant sent me a review copy of this lovely book… and Obus sent me the cute socks-up-top! Once upon a time I got very, very sick while I was away from home. It was a horrible experience and when I was finally back in my own bed, safe and sound, someone delivered me a little package of yummy and cute things to help me to get on the mend. It was so nice to get some special things, but…

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Make It! Five Finger Discount PomPom Scarf

April 13, 2016
five finger discount scarf pip lincolne meetmeatmikes

(This post is sponsored by Spotlight) Woolly news! On Friday morning, I’ll be teaching a Masterclass in the fine art of finger knitting! It’s a Spotlight and Frankie Magazine joint venture and we’re going to be making these chunky and SUPER EASY pompom scarves! It’s to celebrate National Craft Month and I’m hoping it will encourage the world to make EVERY month National Craft Month! #Craft4Lyf Don’t worry if you’re not able to come to the Masterclass though. You can TOTALLY do…

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Rad People: Madame Tricot on Instagram

March 16, 2016
madame_tricot on instagram

    Instagram is really such a great way to find creative people, isn’t it? I’m a little bit addicted to scrolling through the EXPLORE tab, looking for beautiful people and things, as well as sneaking over to have a look at my own LIKE-rs feeds. This week, for instance, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Bear Loves Dove’s move to the country (not far from the beach!) and (Perth Writers Festival pal) Katherine Dorrington’s blooming gorgeous snaps, as well…

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Making Things: Ace Face Crocheted Wash Cloths

March 14, 2016
ace face crocheted face cloths featured

  I had a lot of little balls of cotton yarn floating about, so I thought I would make them into something quick and useful… wash cloths! A while ago a friend gave me some knitted cotton cloths (for washing your face or body) and I love them so much. I use them all the time. I thought I would have a go at crocheting something similar, because I had all the aforementioned little balls of cotton yarn and they seemed…

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Crafting for a cause: ace Australian charity crafting campaigns

February 23, 2016
kirsty eckard

(Gorgeous illustration by the amazing genius Kirsty Eckard!) First things first, I’d love to say thank you to everyone who made something for Softies For Mirabel or shared the campaign with their people. The 2015-2016 campaign is now officially done! (The next campaign should launch late this year, if you were wondering!) So many gorgeous handmade toys have now made their way to The Mirabel Foundation, ready to be matched with their new buddies there. (If you don’t know, Mirabel supports kids who have been…

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Softies For Mirabel: Some Ace Contributions (+ An Extended Deadline!)

January 27, 2016

Excitingly, adorable handmade contributions are winging their way to The Mirabel Foundation as we speak! (The bears in the above image are by Teddy Bears Wednesday, FYI!) It’s always super heartening to see how much people love being part of this project – and really, how much they want to get behind the work The Mirabel Foundation does by making toys for the kids they support. (Find out more about Softies For Mirabel here.) This week, I’m thrilled to tell…

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Look At Our Wishing Garden!

January 18, 2016
wishing flowers

  I’ve been very busy running The Wishing Flowers workshop at Melbourne’s NGV (National Gallery of Victoria), but I thought I would pop in and show you what we’ve been doing. (Just in case you haven’t seen it on social media yet!) We’re making paper flowers, and planting them in a vertical Wishing Garden, as a kind of homage to Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei. When you plant a flower, you make a wish. Every day the wishes and the…

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Come To The Perth Writers Festival!

January 14, 2016
pip lincolne craft for the soul 5

  Guess what? I’ve been invited to the Perth Writers Festival! You may or may not know that I lived in WA for five years as a teenager, so I am excited to head back to the ‘big smoke’ of the west to talk about the kinds of things that I most love. (Amongst an amazing bunch of superstar writers that you should DEFINITELY check out!) I’m part of three different sessions and you can book your tickets as of…

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Softies For Mirabel – Let’s Do It!

January 3, 2016

Softies For Mirabel is well and truly underway and now that the festive season has quietly slipped by maybe you want to join in and help us help The Mirabel Foundation?! You can help by making a toy (or a few!) or by sharing the campaign (find some cute downloadable graphics to help with that here!) Here are just a tiny FEW of the toys that have arrived at Mirabel HQ so far…   1. Bear friends by Squidgy And Wonky‘s…

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