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:: I’m Doing Some Events!

I’m doing a few fun things that you might want to tag along to (or listen to!) Feel free to ignore me though. I know that some people are only here for the crochet… In Real Life Events Pompom and Wine – Readings Books St Kilda Store, VIC – Wednesday 22nd April 6pm – book here Snacks and Chats – Lilo Cafe (hosted by Page8 Mornington) Mornington, VIC – Wednesday 6th May 7pm – book here Craft & Chats – Brisbane Library (thanks to BrisStyle & Brown Owls) – Sunday 14th June 11.30am – details soon (or call the library)

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:: Craft For The Soul : A Peek At Some Bits Of My Book (& The Book Shoot!)

  Above are some pics from our shoot. Now that the book is nearly out, I can spill some of the beans. It was just one day, but it was super busy! Julie Renouf was the photographer (she is ace – as was her assistant!) and Michelle Mackintosh came along to style the book as a super special guest. We also had Team Penguin (including my publisher Kirsten Abbott) on board, of course! And Cam & me. Mais oui! We also had a very important visit from Katie with her cute-as-a-button baby and her gorgeous puppy (both pop up in

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:: The 100 Day Project

The magazine The Great Discontent have started an ace thing called The 100 Day Project (beginning today!) I love projects. I love days. This sounds like the perfect thing for me. Perhaps you feel the same?! I’m going to do 100 days of crochet. I know. It’s gobsmackingly unpredictable of me, right?! Well. No. Not really. The thing is, I am really busting through the crochet projects so far this year, and I want to keep up the momentum. 100 days seems like a great way to do that. I’ve decided that on the days that I am a bit sore

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:: Behold! The Mirabel Bun-Anza!

  People can be great, can’t they? I think they can. Sometimes you might read the news and doubt the goodness that’s out there, pinging around the place, but if you read this news right here on my blog, you will be persuaded otherwise (even if it’s just for a little while!) When I did a little call-out for handmade rabbits for the kids The Mirabel Foundation supports, I thought I would get around ten. The final count is actually 110 which makes me realise that a) you don’t have to nag people to get stuff done, often people just get

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:: For The Love Of A Long Weekend

Gosh. I swear, I am NEVER happier than I am on a Sunday in the midst of a long weekend. It feels so good to have that extra day. Surely there is a way to do this every week…! So far, I’ve been making delicious things and sewing cute things and reading good things and watching good things… Making : Mee Goreng as part of Rin’s birthday dinner last night. Happy Birthday Rin! (Rin is my eldest child/adult/person!) Sewing: two bunnies for our Mirabel Foundation BunAnza! One is adapted from Claire ‘Loobylu‘ Robertson’s pattern (from my first book) and the

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:: Another Finished Blankie

  I know. I call blankets ‘blankies’. Yes, it’s a bit juvenile, but ‘blankie’ is much more about how a blanket is and feels than ‘blanket’ could ever be. This blanket is speedy and stripe-y. It’s the Speedy Stripe and people have been making these for ever and a day. To crochet this, I just chained A HUGE AMOUNT of stitches and did rows of treble crochet until it was big enough. This is actually quite big. It took around 20 minutes a day over the last 3 weeks or so. It’s for a cute person’s birthday and I hope they will really

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:: Get Making For The Mirabel Bun-anza

  bunny by Loobylu Hello! I have something very exciting to tell you about! Every year The Mirabel Foundation throws an Easter party for the families they support. Janine from Mirabel told me all about the party last time I saw her. There are egg hunts and delicious food and games and things. There are also bunnies. Handmade, soft toy/softie/plushie kind of bunnies. In fact, each year they save all the bunnies from Softies For Mirabel and they become treasured presents, gifted to the kids at Easter! How good. I think it would be SO GREAT to get bunnying along

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:: Crochet The World’s Easiest Tea Cosy

  Here’s what I did today! I was having a bit of a sad day, so I thought a pompommy tea cosy would TOTALLY cheer things up. It really worked. I feel MUCH brighter. If you need a cheer up, you might like to make one too?! Project Notes: If you don’t know how to make a granny square, I can help. I made the pompoms with a Clover pompom maker and then stitched them firmly into place with matching yarn. The yarn I used is cheap acrylic from Lincraft and also a $2 shop! I love the colours acrylic

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:: How To Make A Liberty House

This post is sponsored by Annie Sloan Unfolded, the nice people who distribute Chalk Paint™ in Australia : Follow them on Facebook here for more bright ideas!   Make A Liberty House! You will need: + A knick-knack shelf (also called shadow box) like this. Mine was a house shaped one and there are quite a few on eBay. Check there, Etsy or your local op-shop/thrift store for similar. + Paint and paintbrush – I used Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan Unfolded in the Old White colour  – it’s high quality and non-stinky! + Fabric – I used some off-cuts of five Liberty of London fat quarters that

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:: The Last Thing I Bought On Etsy, #52Hellos & More

  Well. The most RECENT thing, is what I really mean. I love these cards so much, I bought a set of eight. I am going to send them as part of #52hellos – unless I can’t bear to part with them. That is highly probable too. It’s going to be a year of stationery at my house and I could not be more pleased. I’m not sure if the Gilmore Girls card sets are still in stock at She Can Lift A Horse (PIPPI reference!!!) but you could contact Nicole over there to find out? Here’s my first SENT letter

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:: How To Make A Vintage Style Tea Cosy

  I’ve been making this tea cosy on and off for the last few days. It’s based on a vintage cosy style (I see a lot of op shop tea cosies in my travels!)  Many of those cute, retro tea cosies are based on a simple pattern of six granny squares joined together to make up each side. Then you crochet some extra rows on the top to allow for the height of the cosy. Next you sew the pieces together at the top and bottom of each side (leaving gaps for handle and spout!) Finally you thread something through the top to

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:: Make This! An Age Before Beauty Blanket!

  This blanket is super colourful and snazzy right? It’s such a good beginner’s project (and even though I am not a beginner, I loved making this too!) It’s fast to make and best of all it’s got a cute twist. Let me tell you more…   How To Make An Age Before Beauty Blanket You will need: + Balls of yarn (I used a mixture of acrylic yarns and pure wool, because that’s what I had on hand). + A 4.5mm crochet hook – don’t go too fine, this is a speedy project and we don’t want you to

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:: Stitch A Moomin?

Aw man! These just popped up on Twitter via those clever people at Sublime Stitching, so I had to tell you about them right away. Of course Tove is the best, but I love Sublime Stitching a lot too because they really opened my eyes to how fun and customisable embroidery could be. It’s not all geese and floral baskets, ya know? They always come up with cute ideas to stitch on your special things, and this cute Moomin idea is no exception. Sublime Stitching Moomin embroidery patterns – around $5 each pack Snap one up quick! x Pip

:: Crochet A Paper Chain

It’s time to decorate the house. Are you getting all festive and sparkly at yours? We are slowly getting things sorted. We’ve put the tree up and the advent too. And we’ve done our Christmas window, of course! I am going to make a few other bits and bobs over the next week… Something about making things well and truly cements the tinselly season for me. Do you feel a bit like that too? I’m doing other stuff with the 25th and New Year in mind. I bought a new diary. We’re planning our break (staying home!) I’ve almost finished

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