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Craft Attack! Blackbird + The Owl

  When I find a bag or purse I love, I like to keep it and use it for 124 years. I’m not really into chopping and changing things up. I’m not that kind of fashion girl. Instead, I…

Etsy Hello YOEF

:: New Rain Jacket! New Hat!

Thank goodness it’s getting cooler here in Melbourne. I am not a huge fan of humid or hot Summery days. I’m much happier when things are a bit crisper and cooler. I’ve been LOVING walking in the rain through…

Etsy Hello YOEF

:: ACTUAL Punky Brewster Hi-Tops?!

I know, right?! Vintage Punky Brewster hi-tops? PUNKY POWER? I’m all about that. Punky, The Cosby Show, Laverne and Shirley, 90210. My fave vintage shows skipped decades with abandon. I haven’t watched Punky of late, but The Cosby Show,…

Etsy Hello YOEF

:: Don’t Be Uncomfy

It’s been hot in Melbourne. I don’t really like the hot weather. I prefer cooler days or a mild 25 degrees even. It’s the sort of weather that keeps you feeling a bit frizzy haired and parched and perspire-y.…

Etsy Hello YOEF

:: Fancy Pants

Let me give you WAY too much information and tell you that I don’t wear fancy pants. Nup. I like non-fancy pants. This probably makes me the unsexiest person in the world, but ya know, I am what I…

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Ele Handmade Shoes

  How lovely are these handmade shoes? They are crafted by Eleonora in Spain who promises to make the ones you want in your size, especially for you! Gee thanks! She says: Earlier in my professional journey, I’ve been…

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Etsy Hello Wear YOEF

:: A Year Of Ethical Fashion: Five Faves

Here’s this week’s Thursday update for A Year Of Ethical Fashion on a very hot Melbourne day!  You can sign up and join in any time and go ethical for one whole year (or more!) Follow along with the #YOEF…