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Hello Cute Yarn Bowls and Random Things

If you’ve ever met a ball of yarn, you will know how knotty/naughty they can be.  Luckily some genius invented yarn bowls and then some other geniuses took them from utilitarian product to delightful pal, applying a whopping dose…

Lily Moon Journals
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Rad People: Lily Moon

Are you a notebook person? I am. I mostly have quite utilitarian notebooks (spiral bound Spirax or simple paperback style Moleskine) because I get performance anxiety when I have a very fancy journal. I somehow feel that fancier/prettier journals require…

Calhoun and Co
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(Not) Good At Naps

I, my friends, am not good at naps. Nope. I never have been. I don’t know why. What I am, is good at nups. Nups are the sort of nap you have when you are watching something or reading…