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:: Sunday Lunch: Salmon Patties, Leafy Panzanella & Guacamole

Jeepers it’s been rainy in Melbourne. We had planned to go camping this weekend, but the rain was stretching from Victoria through to NSW and sitting in a drippy tent, trying not to be blow away seemed like a silly idea. Instead, we stayed home, ate delicious things and watched Gilmore Girls.  We also put our Christmas tree up, I finished online shopping for the kids’ prezzies and we drank

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:: The One About Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you ever made these cookies? They are really yum. This is a recipe I have been using for 20 zillion years. It’s the one that I had published in the Frankie Afternoon Tea book (and it’s also in my book Sew La Tea Do!) They are tried and true and here for you. *titter* I made a bunch of these yesterday and they went down a treat with the

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:: Yum! Potato, Pea and Pasta Soup

Blue bowl from Kevala in Ubud, Bali : Napkin from the Salvation Army : Wooden plate from a garage sale : spoon from wherever you get spoons… Here is what I made for lunch today. Maybe you’d like to make it for lunch too? It’s good for dinner, even. Also, kids love it, if you know any kids you could make them have some too? You can put pancetta or bacon

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:: Wolfing. The Reason For Sausage Rolls

  My kids really like sausage rolls. Well. One does in particular. He wolfs them down crazily fast. Sometimes his friends wolf them too. Because of this wolfing, I have been making them a lot. I think it’s good to mix these things up and make your own secret family recipe, so use this as a guide and get fancy with your own flavourings! I know that eating a lot of sausage rolls

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:: A Really Simple Yummy Soup

  Sometimes when I’m feeling tired, I like to make this soup. It’s an improvised version of a soup we used to have when I was a kid. It’s not my mum’s PROPER version, but it’s a red hot go at it! And it’s really yum. You can totally leave out the bacon if you are not bacon-y! It’d still be yum. Simple Corn, Bacon and Potato Chowder Serves six 800g

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:: The Overnight Oats

  I made overnight oats last week and a lot of people knew ALL ABOUT nice ways to make them and a lot of people did not know what overnight oats were all about.  I am sure there are lots of names for this idea. Someone said ‘cold oatmeal’ and someone else said ‘a bit like Bircher’. I don’t know because I am not very oat-y. But I like these

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:: Seeds & Sweets & The Queen

Aw hai! Look! Cam took this photo of me today. I had a bit of a weird morning, so we headed to Port Melbourne beach via Noisette (a really great bakery!) for a bit of a cheer up. We had a little coffee and sweet things picnic in the back of the car, watching some dogs play and the waves lap. Nice, huh? Then we saw my friend Jo which

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:: Pip’s Really Very Best Cauliflower Salad

  You have to make this. It’s all of the deliciousness. SUPER addictive and super healthy! Win!   Pips’s Really Very Best Cauliflower Salad, OMG YUM. Serves 4 people or 2 really hungry people you need: 1 small cauliflower, cut into small pieces 1 handful of snow pea sprouts 1 cups of cooked brown rice  (warmed up so it’s soft!) 1 cup of corn kernels (cooked fresh ones or canned)

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:: Golden Afternoon Fruity Iced Bun

In case you want to have a golden afternoon. If you do, you should make this really yummy iced bun. It’s just the thing for late afternoon happiness, esp with a nice cup of tea! x Pip   Adapted from Ambrosia’s Hot Cross Bun recipe.

:: Hello Bun-ny! The Best Easter Buns

  Hello! Hi! Thanks so much for all your kindness yesterday and today. *squeeze* to you! Some people even sent me text messages and emails. I am so grateful for all of the squeezing. Thank you! You are the best! I’m not sure if it was the moon or just exhaustion, but I am feeling like I am on the mend tonight. I’m going to have a hot bath and

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:: My Favourite Chicken Soup (With A Big Nod to Sophie Dahl)

This recipe is not really MY recipe. Nope. Instead it’s my version of a DELICIOUS recipe by the equally divine Ms Dahl. I did not change it because I didn’t like it the original way. I changed it because I cooked it lots of times and I kind of started making it up as I went along. So totally NO shade thrown in Sophie’s direction. Her recipe is ace and

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:: Four Good Things To Try Cooking This Week

In case you are stuck for foodie inspiration this week, here’s four good things to try cooking this week… 1. Cilbir: Poached Eggs on Yogurt Sauce with Chilli Butter and Chimichurri via Lady & Pups 2. Slow Cooked Spiced Potatoes via Sinfully Spicy 3. Caprese Mac and Cheese via Simply Delicious 4. Roasted Tomato Soup via Notions and Notations of a Novice Cook Yum. What did you have for dinner?

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:: Batter Up! How I Make Pancakes

(A few people asked for this recipe on Facebook yesterday!) Pancakes always seem to come out better if you leave the batter to sit for a while. For this batch I left the batter overnight. This seems to to pull everything together even more nicely. (It also means you are ready to go when you get up and shuffle around in your slippers on Sunday morning. Batter up!)  If you

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:: Sometimes I Make Cute Sandwiches

I was asked to make some cute sandwiches for Kidspot for a campaign they were working on a while ago. They wanted animal themed snacks that kids would find hard to resist and Mums would be able to replicate at home. Talk about a fun job!

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