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What Do You Call This? What Goes In It?!

July 14, 2015

Yesterday I posted a photo of my lunch on Instagram. Not earth shattering, I’ll admit. Millions of people do it every day. I’m not so special. Nope. What is kind of interesting, though, is the discussion that ensued. I call this a Jaffle. It’s just what I call it. Other people call it that too. I am sure of it. I haven’t always called it a jaffle though. Controversial, right?! Like changing football teams. As a kid, our family called…

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Not Too Fancy Minestrone With Potato & Red Pepper Smothered Toast

June 5, 2015
soup and toast one

This is so yum. Like really. If you are after something new to dip into your Winter soup, you might like to try this Potato and Red Pepper Spread! I feel like it’s influenced by something I might have once eaten at Stephanie’s Restaurant in the late 80s. I can’t really remember, but I have an inkling that that’s where the idea for this came from. Perhaps something similar was served with Bouillabaisse and we might have been given some…

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Craft For The Soul Eat Pip-Life

Have Your Pie And Eat It Too

May 12, 2015

image by Sarah of The Sugar Hit – recipe here   I read this piece over on Femsplain this morning and it really made a lot of sense to me. (I found it via Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls on Twitter. The piece was written by the excellent¬†Anna Phillips.) The first reason it made sense is because I too have dropped a cherry pie in the cafeteria. And by dropped I mean that someone came up behind me and punched me…

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