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Good Things We’ve Been Eating

Content note: This post discusses depression and anxiety (as well as food!) I have been cooking a lot of things and resting a lot of late. Doesn’t that sound sloth-ish? It’s not really though because years of tough times, anxiety…

Weekend notes - samosas hubby community kitchen
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Aubergine Saturday and Samosa Sunday

You may or may not know that in the wake of the horrendous Grenfell Tower fire, a community kitchen – called Hubb Community Kitchen – played an important role in supporting those who’d been caught up in the should-never-have-happened horrific…

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Some Things We/I Have Been Eating

Cooking for yourself and your favourite people (and gosh, even for your non-favourite people because why not make things better?!) is one of life’s great joys.…

The OTHER Potato Curry
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How I Make The OTHER Potato Curry

Okay. I have TWO quite similar potato curries that I make. One is in my book – Craft For The Soul – and it’s the OG Potato Curry I am family-famous for.…

How to make Bibimbap
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What I Cooked On The Weekend: Bibimbap

One of the good things about going through difficult times is that it teaches you what matters most. For me, it’s making stuff, quiet time – and time with family and close friends. And pets. Them too. And also…

Smashed and Spicy Omelette
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Eat: How To Make A Smashed & Spicy Omelette

I’ve been eating this for breakfast a lot and and it’s delicious and maybe you want to eat it too?! It’s meant to be fluffy and rustic and full of delicious spicy flavour. And guess what? It is all those…