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Thanks for the cosy memories, Two-Can Soup

When I was a kid one of the most comforting things we’d have for a rainy day lunch or after school snack was soup. By soup, I mean canned soup. We’d cleverly combine a tin of tomato soup with…

Eat Pip-Life

How to make chewy and delicious bread. In a pot.

There are lots of bread-in-a-pot recipes floating around the internet, the best of which is The New York Times No-Knead Bread. This recipe, however, is also good. It doesn’t take quite so long to make, and the spelt flour…

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Good Things We’ve Been Eating

Content note: This post discusses depression and anxiety (as well as food!) I have been cooking a lot of things and resting a lot of late. Doesn’t that sound sloth-ish? It’s not really though because years of tough times, anxiety…

Weekend notes - samosas hubby community kitchen
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Aubergine Saturday and Samosa Sunday

You may or may not know that in the wake of the horrendous Grenfell Tower fire, a community kitchen – called Hubb Community Kitchen – played an important role in supporting those who’d been caught up in the should-never-have-happened horrific…

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Some Things We/I Have Been Eating

Cooking for yourself and your favourite people (and gosh, even for your non-favourite people because why not make things better?!) is one of life’s great joys.…

The OTHER Potato Curry
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How I Make The OTHER Potato Curry

Okay. I have TWO quite similar potato curries that I make. One is in my book – Craft For The Soul – and it’s the OG Potato Curry I am family-famous for.…

How to make Bibimbap
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What I Cooked On The Weekend: Bibimbap

One of the good things about going through difficult times is that it teaches you what matters most. For me, it’s making stuff, quiet time – and time with family and close friends. And pets. Them too. And also…