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Crochet Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: June

Oh hello! It’s been a little while since I did ‘Taking Stock’, but I know lots of people have been merrily doing it all over the internet. I think it’s really cool that a simple little exercise can slow…

craft Crochet handmade

It’s A Year Of Blankets (Apparently!)

Somehow this year, I’ve become quite fixated on making blankets. Just when I get finished on one, I’m suddenly making another. Mostly, I make them for the special people in my life. There’s really nothing like giving the gift…

craft Creativity Crochet handmade

:: The 100 Day Project

The magazine The Great Discontent have started an ace thing called The 100 Day Project (beginning today!) I love projects. I love days. This sounds like the perfect thing for me. Perhaps you feel the same?! I’m going to do…

craft Creativity Crochet handmade Pip-Life

:: Another Finished Blankie

  I know. I call blankets ‘blankies’. Yes, it’s a bit juvenile, but ‘blankie’ is much more about how a blanket is and feels than ‘blanket’ could ever be. This blanket is speedy and stripe-y. It’s the Speedy Stripe and…

tea cosy by pip Lincolne
Crochet handmade

Crochet The World’s Easiest Tea Cosy

  A pompommy tea cosy will always cheer things up. If you need a cheer up, you might like to make one too?! Project Notes: If you don’t know how to make a granny square, I can help. I made the…

Crochet handmade

:: Crochet A Paper Chain

  If you’d like to make this cute crocheted chain, it’s super easy. You can use my ‘pattern’ as a guide, or just go nuts and work it out for yourself. Sometimes just seeing an example of something cute…

Crochet Hello Pip-Life

:: There’s Lots To Like About Today

  When I got up this morning this song was playing on the radio. It made me make French Toast with Sriracha. It’s that kind of song and I felt very affirmed when I heard it. Then at lunch, this one was playing.…