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It’s A Year Of Blankets (Apparently!)

Somehow this year, I’ve become quite fixated on making blankets. Just when I get finished on one, I’m suddenly making another. Mostly, I make them for the special people in my life. There’s really nothing like giving the gift…

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:: The 100 Day Project

The magazine The Great Discontent have started an ace thing called The 100 Day Project (beginning today!) I love projects. I love days. This sounds like the perfect thing for me. Perhaps you feel the same?! I’m going to do…

craft Creativity Crochet handmade Pip-Life

:: Another Finished Blankie

  I know. I call blankets ‘blankies’. Yes, it’s a bit juvenile, but ‘blankie’ is much more about how a blanket is and feels than ‘blanket’ could ever be. This blanket is speedy and stripe-y. It’s the Speedy Stripe and…

tea cosy by pip Lincolne
Crochet handmade

Crochet The World’s Easiest Tea Cosy

  A pompommy tea cosy will always cheer things up. If you need a cheer up, you might like to make one too?! Project Notes: If you don’t know how to make a granny square, I can help. I made the…

Crochet handmade

:: Crochet A Paper Chain

  If you’d like to make this cute crocheted chain, it’s super easy. You can use my ‘pattern’ as a guide, or just go nuts and work it out for yourself. Sometimes just seeing an example of something cute…

Crochet Hello Pip-Life

:: There’s Lots To Like About Today

  When I got up this morning this song was playing on the radio. It made me make French Toast with Sriracha. It’s that kind of song and I felt very affirmed when I heard it. Then at lunch, this one was playing.…

Crochet handmade Hello

:: Weekend In Stockholm

    I’ve been working on these squares. They are from Debbie Stoller’s Weekend In Stockholm pattern. I’ve been wanting to make some for ages and my whole new ONE BLANKET FOR NANNA EACH YEAR idea was just the…

Crochet handmade Pip-Life

:: The Birthday Blanket

We all have our crafty heroes don’t we? People who have inspired us to make things, or at the very least to TRY. My Nan is that person for me. She was either in the kitchen, hard at work…