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A Bug In The System

Hello! Just a quick message for everyone who has been trying to enrol in my eCourses. Paypal seems to be VERY glitchy at the moment and only accepting the discount codes I posted the other day about 5% of…

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Have You Seen Iris?

Last night, my friend Gemma and I went to see the movie Iris (about fashion icon Iris Apfel.) When I say last night, I mean yesterday afternoon, really, because we went to the ‘old lady’ session at 5pm (to…

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Monday Must-Reads

Main Photo By: My Name Is Yeh   Hello cutie-patooties! I’m a bit busy at the moment (and behind with #52hellos.) It’s just that the kids have been moving and I’ve been helping with that and working on a…

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Teenage Dreams

When I was a teenager I lived in a galaxy far, far away. And that galaxy was called Port Hedland. I’m not being rude or anything. I loved it there. It’s just that growing up in Tasmania and suddenly…

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Craft Saves The Day!

  Craft and handmade things can save the day, you know? (Despite what that person in the NY Times says.) Today, as I handed this blanket over to the friend I’d made it for, I knew that it was a…