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The Tip-Top Pip Posts of 2016

I’m generally not one to do these kinds of ‘popular posts’ type round-ups, but I thought I would give it a whirl this year, for the sake of revisiting the things I’ve most enjoyed writing – and for the…

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Rad People: Kimika Hara

    Hello! I really need to go and have my dinner and run a hot bath, but first I wanted to pop in and show you this amazingly beautiful work by Japanese embroidery artist Kimika Hara. Kimika is from Kyoto…

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Hine Mizushima’s Invertebrate Sleep Habits

  This beautiful, tiny felt series by Hine Mizushima is called Invertebrate Sleep Habits. You can see the whole story here. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this! How do people even come UP with this…

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Taking Stock: July

  The month is nearly over. How did we get here, for Pete’s sake?! Time is whizzing by, right? Is it just me? Is it you too?! Make it stop! I thought I’d sneak in a little Taking Stock…

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The Wishing Flowers at NGV International

  Hello! Hi! Guess what?! A cool thing has happened! NGV International have invited me to run a workshop in the Great Hall in January, as part of the super-fun NGV Summer Kids Festival! What will the workshop be about,…