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Join Blog With Pip (For Free!)

Hello! Good news, everyone! Anyone can join Blog With Pip now. I’ve made the site public. I figured a) this way everyone can use the lessons and b) it’s a lovely and social progression from keeping it closed and secret…

Blog With Pip Creativity

Learn To Blog With Me?!

Hello cute-faces! Just popping by to say the final intake of Blog With Pip is on sale with a super special bonus included. Not only can you sign up and start a blog – or improve your blog –…

Blog With Pip Creativity

A Bug In The System

Hello! Just a quick message for everyone who has been trying to enrol in my eCourses. Paypal seems to be VERY glitchy at the moment and only accepting the discount codes I posted the other day about 5% of…

Blog With Pip Pip-Life

:: Happy Birthday Blog With Pip!

Can you even believe Blog With Pip is ONE YEAR OLD today?! I can’t. I really CAN NOT! I never really excepted BWP to be as successful and personally rewarding as it has been, let alone all the other…

Blog With Pip Hello

:: Blog With Pip in October

  Do you need to express yourself? Maybe you want to document the life of your favourite people? Perhaps you want to talk about your crafty/arty work/dreams? Or take some tentative steps to starting your own magazine, even?! Blogging…