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Photography + Art + Design

Home Is My Absolute Fave For Life

I love my (rented) house. It’s true. It’s in the suburbs, but it’s bright and light – and I can look out across rooftops and trees. It’s my favourite place to be. Home is my absolute fave. I have been thinking…

Etsy Photography + Art + Design Wear

Rock Some Cute Sock Snazz

  The Cute Sock Snazz-O-Meter is at 9.85 and rising… These cute socks are enough to make you want to snazz your feet up at the best of times. Couple their toesiness (actual made up word combining toes and cosiness)…

Etsy Photography + Art + Design Rad People

Rad People: Illustrator Boyoun Kim

  I was excited to stumble across the beautiful work of Boyoun Kim yesterday. I’m often pretty gobsmacked by the cleverness and creativity of illustrators and Boyoun Kim is definitely next-level in terms of  gobsmacks. Award-winning Korean-born Boyoun is based in New York. She’s collaborated with the…