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One + Four = Life : The Women Of Letters Edition

Disclosure: The floral paisley quilt and moon cushion included in this post were gifted to me by Freedom Australia (but I love them and they do indeed live on my couch!)   Hello! How are you today? I am really good. I spent the afternoon with Rin (my daughter) at Women Of Letters. This is a pretty-much-monthly (I think!) event where a bunch of interesting people (usually women!) read a letter to a common, themed topic. This time it was A Letter To The Me That Never Was – featuring Australian of the Year and mother Rosie Batty, author and historian

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One + Four = Life : The Op Shop Edition

Sometimes, when it gets to Sunday, I think to myself, ‘How can a week have zoomed by so quickly?’ Luckily, I have this little One + Four = Life game to play. It not only reminds me that it’s a good idea to stop and think about the week that was, it also reminds me that the time does indeed fly by, so it’s good to do the things you most want to do, if that makes sense. This week I’ve been working, crocheting, writing, making toast, walking in the cold, going to friend’s book events, thinking about moving a

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One + Four = Life : Book Launches, Flowers, School Reports & Presents

  Hello! I write this from the lounge room floor, heater blaring, tea piping hot, old episodes of Project Runway on the telly. It’s Mother’s Day  (as you probably know) and I feel very lucky to have had a totally free weekend to rest up and recover from the busy preceding weeks. Phew. Let me tell you about this week’s four snaps (the ONE and FOUR in One + Four = Life!) School report This is weird, but I took my Grade One school report to an event on Wednesday night. I love this report because I feel like, although

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Pretty Pop-Up

:: One + Four = Life: Riberty Frogs, Printing, Pals & PomPoms

one: the one where you and your pals all have books out! two: this little suitcase contained my pompom arsenal for Wednesday’s workshop three: Riberty frogs – from my new book (made from Liberty prints, of course!) four: fabric paint for my latest project Hello! Sunday arvo rolls around again, so it must be time for One + Four = Life. The idea is to share four photos that sum up one week of your life (the week just gone). One (week) + Four (photos) =  (your) Life. It’s a kind of photographic algebra, isn’t it? Or not. Here’s my week.

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:: One + Four = Life : Pad Thai, Boots, Books & Gigs

one : A Table In The Orchard by Michelle Crawford, tea and beads (and my book!) two : My favourite boots. Bought from Vintage Sole on my street three : My house looking tidier than usual (and Homeland) four : Pad Thai Geesh. I have had such a big week. My eyes are popping out and I must admit I had a tiny meltdown this morning, feeling the weight of it all. It’s okay though. I am fine now. Sometimes you just need to release that valve and things make more sense. A hot bath with lavender oil can help

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:: One + Four = Life : Crochet, Eggy Things & Books

one: a peek at my new book Craft For The Soul two: progress on my #100DayProject three: still an abundance of Easter eggs floating around my place four: egg cups – found at the Abbotsford Salvation Army   Do you know what I have realised? I really don’t take that many photos! I think when you are constantly publishing online, as a blogger or a writer or whatever, you tend to either take A LOT of photos of everything, second-nature like OR you go in the other direction and keep your candid, personal moments just that. I am in the

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:: One + Four = Life : The Easter Edition

one: patchwork pieces two: floor/cushions/blanket three: scheduling & Easter-y fun bits four: reading materials How quickly the week flies by. Luckily it’s Easter – my very favourite holiday of the year. No pressure to buy all the things or cook amazingly huge feasts or take big blocks of time off work (hello tight budget!) Instead it’s chocolate and buns and crafty times and comfort food and lunches out and walks and reading and hot baths and cosy days. ALL my favourite kinds of things. Yesterday we wandered into the city for lunch at Grand BBQ, some book shopping (see above)

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:: One + Four = Life : Blanket, Beast, Hellos + Peeps

  This week in One + Four = Life… one: a tumble of blanket: after resting my sore wrist for over a week, I am finally back to crocheting! I’m not sure why it got so sore, but it’s something to do with holding the yarn tension and switching from making little granny square to pulling it all together (with a bit more yarn/project weight on my wrist as I do that!) two: a beast or two:  If you’ve visited Melbourne Museum you probably love this exhibit as much as I do. The light in this room is terrible though… a

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:: One + Four = Life

one: latch hooking Ubud style | two: drinks-gone-by | three: Craft For The Soul artwork | four: friendly donuts    Hello! Here’s a cute thing I want to do. You might like it too?! Once a week. Four photos. To document your life. One + Four = Life! Every Sunday I’m going to host One + Four = Life on my blog. I HOPE it will get me excited about taking everyday photos again.  Fingers crossed. Here’s what it’s all about… How it works . If you’d like to join in, just share your four photos from the week on your

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:: Linzie Hunter’s Hand Lettered Resolutions

all images are by Linzie Hunter   I know some people are not fans of New Year’s resolutions. That’s okay. But I’m not like them. I am a huge fan of resolutions. It’s the one ritual of welcoming the new year that I love. The pressure to get tanked and clink glasses and pash when the clock strikes twelve does nothing for me. New resolutions for a fresh new year, on the other hand, makes me swoon with excitement. I think I’m pre-disposed to accepting new habits really easily, so maybe that’s what makes me a fan. I have excellent

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:: I Love Liberty!

Amazing handmade Terry De Havilland vs Liberty wedge: here     Hello! What have you been doing, peaches? I have been trying to not work (it’s very hard for me) and doing quiet things. It’s so hot here at the moment. I know it’s only been two days of heat, but I am waiting for the change. I want to be able to get out and about without feeling exhausted and boiling. Do you know what I mean? I stumbled across a great show (which I’ve been streaming online). It’s called Liberty Of London and I’ve just watched Season 2 (only

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:: I Want To Live Here!

  This lovely little boat shed is quite near to my Nan’s place. It would make the perfect writers’ retreat, wouldn’t it? I would LOVE to spend some time here. It’s got a cute little jetty and a pink oven. PLUS it’s really not far out of town at all. You can see more about this gorgeous shack here. *swoon* x Pip  

:: Super Cute Enamelware Alert!

    Hello! Hi! How  is it all going, petal? I am going good. A bit weary, limping to the finish line, but pretty good on the whole! I did a bit of Christmas shopping today at Wilkins and Kent (on my street) and I saw these adorable enamelware things from TMOD. I had not heard of them before, but that is because I have been working/watching Gilmore girls and not getting out enough. As you can see I should have heard of them! Enamelware is a favourite thing of mine! I bought one of the KNOT mugs for my

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