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A Quick One: Gimme Flair

November 19, 2015

Just a quick one… I have been reading a blog called Design Is Mine for many, many years. (Maybe you read it too?) I was super excited to find out that Summer (she of Design Is Mine) has a cool site called Gimme Flair where she sells really ace pins by a whole bunch of designers/artists from all over the world. I really like pins (or badges as we like to call them here in Australia.) I think they are…

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Creative Business Creativity Photography + Art + Design

A Great Thing I Got To Be Part Of…

September 18, 2015

featured image by (the ace) Troy Emery   Aw hai! How are you going? I am excited-exhausted. Excited to be settling in to our new ‘hood. Exhausted because man, it’s been a busy year so far and things are JUST starting to ease up. PH-EW. This week I got to speak at Craft And Design As A Career. It’s a one day conference – part of Craft Cubed (you might remember last year I ran the Pretty In Pink screening for Craft…

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Etsy Photography + Art + Design Rad People

Local Genius: Ashley Ronning

August 23, 2015
Ashley Ronning

Main image: Go Away Rosemary Haters by Ashley Ronning Hello peaches! You know, sometimes something catches your eye in the suggested items on Etsy and your eyes sort of bug out of your head. And then you think, ‘maybe that’s just showing the only good things they have?’ (Kind of like when they put the best bits in a movie trailer.) So you click over to see what the full story is, and you get excited because everything is super ace…

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Ten Things I Loved This Week

August 9, 2015
Dont Be A Dick Club

Here are some things I loved this week. I hope you love them too. Or at least some of them. One even? Have a look and see… The Don’t Be A Dick Club More here. So good! (For the record I think EVERYONE is a dick at least a tiny bit of the time! We are human!)     A DIY Macrame Chair Over at Mollie Makes… So clever!     I’m speaking at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival! Grab a…

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