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:: Linzie Hunter’s Hand Lettered Resolutions

all images are by Linzie Hunter   I know some people are not fans of New Year’s resolutions. That’s okay. But I’m not like them. I am a huge fan of resolutions. It’s the one ritual of welcoming the new year that I love. The pressure to get tanked and clink glasses and pash when the clock strikes twelve does

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:: I Love Liberty!

Amazing handmade Terry De Havilland vs Liberty wedge: here     Hello! What have you been doing, peaches? I have been trying to not work (it’s very hard for me) and doing quiet things. It’s so hot here at the moment. I know it’s only been two days of heat, but I am waiting for the change. I want to be

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:: I Want To Live Here!

  This lovely little boat shed is quite near to my Nan’s place. It would make the perfect writers’ retreat, wouldn’t it? I would LOVE to spend some time here. It’s got a cute little jetty and a pink oven. PLUS it’s really not far out of town at all. You can see more about this gorgeous shack here. *swoon* x

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:: Super Cute Enamelware Alert!

    Hello! Hi! How  is it all going, petal? I am going good. A bit weary, limping to the finish line, but pretty good on the whole! I did a bit of Christmas shopping today at Wilkins and Kent (on my street) and I saw these adorable enamelware things from TMOD. I had not heard of them before, but

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:: The Only Calendar You Need Next Year!

  Aw. Sass Cocker from Ask Alice (and Little Gold) plus her band of clever pals have come up with yet another fabulous calendar RIGHT when you need to be buying awesome things for great people. Proceeds from the Hip Hop Hooray 2015 Calendar go to charity (Heaps Decent, to be exact) so you know you’re getting BRILL for your BUCK!

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:: My Tea Set Arrived!

Look! My tea set arrived. I love it. So much. I am going to collect the other pieces for the rest of my life. I am. There is a pink set and a blue set and the previously mentioned green set (the one that was on Ladies of London!) I am not sure if I will ever be able to

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:: Cosy Boat Of A Bed

one  /  two  /  three  /  four  /  five Aw hai! Hello! So…

:: Do You Want To Go Camping?!

SO so so so good!! Found here x Pip

:: A Cool New Thing! Welcome!

Disclosure: This post is about a cute new shopping site! I may earn revenue from items sold in my boutique. Thank you! Wow. A new thing! It’s called! Howzat?! is a different kind of shopping/inspiration site. Pop in and you will see boutiques created by people like… me! calls its curators Tastemakers. The Tastemakers gather items from hand-picked

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:: Good Things: Last Minute Gift: Wish You Were Here

  Do you know Sass Cocker of Ask Alice? Well, if you don’t you really should! Sass is pretty brilliant, if you Ask Me. Yep.  I met her through her equally brilliant sister, Amy Cocker. Amy used to manage our Richmond shop back in the day and now runs her own store, Grey Street in Barcelona, as well as running rings

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:: Good Things: Giant Fabric Buttons

Hello! I just wanted to nip in and ask you something.. How cheery and great are these giant fabric buttons?! The fabric is via IKEA… not sure if you can get it here, but regardless it’s pretty great! I DO like those ‘button’ plates too. Cute plate + a few holes = really big button, methinks! I wonder if they

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:: Good Stuff: Australian Ethical Fashion To Put On Yourself

I was looking through Reuters most powerful images of 2013 yesterday. There’s a lot of disturbing content there, truth be told, but the one that I keep thinking about involved the Bangladeshi garment factory collapse. I won’t go into details but you can see it here, if you would like to. Over 1000 people died and despite being a $10

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:: Rad People: Nastia Sleptsova

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