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:: Catching Up: A Month of A to Z : ‘M’ to ‘Q’

M is for MAIL: I bought these books a wee while ago and they arrived today. I am nuts for Indian food. Ari is too. It’s our shared weakness. Sometimes I accidentally order home delivery from  Punjabi Curry Cafe.  A man knocks on the door and hands me butter chicken and aloo gobi and naan and the like. He’s the man I am most likely to kiss, at that moment. Don’t worry. I never DO do that.  (I do cook Indian, though…)

N is for NORKS: Is it norks? Or norgs? I don’t know which, but I do know that it’s a bit rude of me to say that. I’m really just trying to show you this dress I wore to my work Christmas party. BUT it is a bit of a boob shot. Sorry.

O is for OPEN: We did KK for the work Xmas party.  Here is the Kris Kringle when it was still open… I will show you how I wrapped it in a minny.  That is the Ombre Necklace from my Good Stuff Guide. I put it in my KK and the NICEST girl received it. She really liked it!

P is for PACKAGES: And this is how I wrapped it up! I think I’m so fancy, don’t I?  Actually, I had these bits and pieces in my wrapping up box, so it was super easy to do.  The wrapping up box consists of things I have made for TV shows and videos and books, so it’s quite good to dip into at times like this. No, I don’t have a present cupboard, btw.

Q is for QUITE PLEASED:  I did lots of wrapping today, too.  This is a present for Michelle & Steve and a present for Kirsty.  I wrapped with the watercolour wrapping paper I made a little while ago. It looks pretty cute, even if I do say so myself! QUITE pleased, I am!

What have you been doing? I’ve been doing lots of baking and reading and working on JustB and MM@M and cleaning up and watching telly. I’m loving our first Christmas without a shop, I must admit. It’s so nice to just have OUR Christmas in the house, as ace as it used to be sharing in everyone else’s… It’s lovely to have a bit of privacy!

I’ve been really busy unpacking all the great Softies for Mirabel too. I am amazed at the things people send. You will be amazed too, in a ‘how cute’, ‘how rad!’, ‘how generous!’ way.  See them here. They are in our window until Friday morning and then they are off to The Mirabel Foundation kids.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are liking my Month of A to Z... (Sorry about the boobs.)

x Pip


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