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:: Can You Help Me?!

I need your help. I’m writing my book. It’s well on the way and gaining momentum like a runaway train. Yikes!  It’s quite exciting to see something coming together before your very eyes. I am loving it. It’s been well over a year between books, so I’d forgotten the joy of making something from nothing. It’s really quite a thrill!

I was wondering if you might help me? My book is an eclectic mix of things, so this might not make much sense…! But I was wondering if you could:

Ask an elderly person you know this question:

‘What makes you happy?’
Write down their answer.
Write down their name, where they live and their age too.

So it might look something like this:

‘A cup of tea and a slice of Boston Bun’ or ‘Seeing my daughter’.
Esme R : Hobart, Tasmania : 89 

Email me the whole shebang. Simple! And thank you! Your elderly can say more than one thing, a few is fine. For those people who are going to ask me to define elderly, let’s say anyone over 70. With apologies to those who are sprightly and offended by the blanket term.

My email address is meetmeatmikes (at) gmail (dot) com

I’d love to have 100 answers! Do you think we can do that?! Can you help?! The book’s not out until next year, but I’ve got a deadline so I’d need the answers by July 30th.

xx Pip

 Edit: I’m going to try and add all the responses here, too! (This could take a while, so please be patient!)

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