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:: By The Way : CAKE!

I wrote a post over here : 10 Ace Cakes To Bake : in case you are feeling bakey this weekend!  These are my two faves.  Click over for 8 other delish recipes!

xx Pip

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“:: By The Way : CAKE!”
  • Oh my goodness – YUM! Once this baby is out and the gestational diabetes is no more I need someone to bake me one of those so I can eat the whole thing by myself ;)

  • Thank you for replying. I gave it a go and … it just gets too hard especially when you don't have full cup measures (eg 3/4) Sorry for sounding (reading) negative, especially as your doing good things everyday, yes you are… anyway, I have some nice yellow banannas that even the monkeys would be jealous of, ahh huh they would, so I'll make a bananna cake, Woo Hoo I LOVE bananna cake. Meggie xo

  • hi, these cakes look absolutely delish however, are the measurements for Australian use? or, do we need to convert them? if so, how?

  • I love these cakes! I really do. I am going to make both, because we are planning a cake buffet for Rin's wedding and I need to testy test them! x

  • I've made that Kitkat cake! with green and gold m&ms for my Socceroo made boy. It looked great and was sooooo easy.

  • Have to say, that they were 2 of my favs too. I think that kit kat cake would be a perfectly good grown up cake… Ages till my birthday but I must remember this one for me! lol

    I love the idea of fruit tingle icing but don't know if I could eat much of it as they have made it! Looks like a heart stopper for sure! So it must be delicious I bet!

  • Wow they look amazing!

    I may just have to try the lemon cake in a few days or the chocolate one or both! I made a baked chocolate and raspberry cheesecake today. Yum!!


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