Buy It Now! Homemade – The Handmade Help Recipe Book – To Benefit Those Affected By Black Saturday’s Awful Fires

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In the wake of the terrible bushfires on Black Saturday, the craft community swung into action. Perhaps you already know about Handmade Help? Handmade Help is a multi-author blog which encourages readers to donate handmade items and craft supplies to those who lost everything. A team of helpers has been storing, sorting and distributing the donated items since February. Donations are still coming in and we are still sending them on to those that need them. It has been an amazing, huge project, kept afloat by a big team of dedicated people. Good on you all.

Another part of the Handmade Help project is Homemade. It’s the Handmade Help recipe book. The idea behind Homemade was to collect and compile recipes from a whole lot of people who cared. Readers of the Handmade Help blog were asked to contribute, as well as a few high profile authors in the Hardie Grant stable. The plan was to publish these recipes as a beautiful cookbook (as well as a downloadable PDF), to both raise funds for The Salvation Army (as the Red Cross Appeal has now closed) and to gift the book to those who have been affected by the fires. For many months, a team of very excellent people has been working away quietly, editing and designing the book, arranging for it to be printed, designing a website and seeing to the countless other tasks to get this project up and running.

And now it’s DONE! Hurrah! You can order your copy here today! Off you go. 100% of funds raised will benefit the Salvation Army’s Bushfire Relief Efforts.

McPherson’s Printing have sponsored the printing of the book – please thank them and Anna Small has managed the project beautifully. Like, really beautifully. Big ups to Anna. It was no Small job, I tell you. And yet it was. Well. You know what I mean.

I think you should all know that the following people worked super hard to put this book together::

Elizabeth Anglin
Justin Caleo
Lisa Cameron
Sue Halliday
Hardie Grant Books
Isla Kirby
Beverley Laing
Michelle Mackintosh
Lucy Malouf
Gillian Mount-Bryson
Sharon Mullins
Claire Robertson
Anna Small
Mary Small
Vivien Sung

If you helped – and you are not here – consider yourself thanked – the list was long and lovely.

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