Bunting, Buggies, Bears and Black Magic!

oh my goodness.. it is nearly christmas! in all the stocking up and confetti-ing and collaging and sparkling… i forgot about christmassing my own house! paper chains would be good i think. and some bunting (!) and some felt stockings to hang on the nonexistant mantlepiece. and lots of fairy lights around the bathroom cabinet so i can have a bath and see them sparkle-arkle.

molly and i were chatting today about when you are five or six years old.. and how you long to sleep in a cot again sometimes.. like when you were a baby.. or be pushed around in a big old pram.. or drink from a sippy cup.. or sit in a high chair… perhaps this is an early form of vintage love?!

tonight ari and i read ‘The Little Red Hen’ cosied up under his blue eiderdown.. and he was a bit sad.. but not as sad as the hen who had no helpers i am sure! such lovely pictures in this book courtesy of John P Miller – other titles he has illustrated – amongst many – include Lucky Mrs Ticklefeather, A Day on The Farm, Puss in Boots and The Wonderful House.

some lovely vintage finds found their way to Mikes… including a lovely blue Japanese porcelain rabbit, a nautical pinny, some lovely fresh Golden Book love and some vinyl for Cam! hurrah for Brooke! we sold about a thousand of susan’s lovely fabric badges too! seems they are just the best stocking-filler!

jess’s lovely bear Ned left the building in the arms of an elderly man who planned on giving Ned to his great great nephew Dylan. A good home we think!

Cam was drinking very strong rum and cokes and dancing around the lounge room to some cute 60s rock and roll 45s! it was very sweet and not cam like.. but the rum was weaving its black magic i think.. i had to strain my drink through my teeth he made it so strong!

xx and love to all from Mikes

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