Budgerigasp! Pete Cromer’s beautiful budgies

When I spotted (genius) Pete Cromer’s sherbet-sprinkled budgies on Instagram I was overcome with pastel pangs.

These budgies aren’t the kind to wildly fling seed around your kitchen. They will not wake you with their joyful morning trills. They most certainly don’t need to grind their little beaks against those scratchy ovals of cuttlefish you find on the beach. And they definitely won’t learn and repeat the rude words you utter as you’re trying to lower your eggs into the poaching water without the yolks breaking. Nope.

What they will do is perch prettily at your place in a fetchingly featherless way.

They’re showing at Martin and Louise’s Outre Gallery in Melbourne for a couple more days and Pete says he’ll be making more soon (so I think you should follow him on Instagram, just to be sure you are alerted to the next batch ‘o’ budge. I mean budgie.)

You can see them in all their beautiful birdy glory here. Genius.

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