Ashrifa Anwer

I found Ashrifa’s work via French General on Instagram and – like French General – took a particular shine to these amazing foofy thistles!

Ashrifa Anwer Ashrifa Anwer Ashrifa Anwer Ashrifa Anwer Ashrifa Anwer


Oh these are lovely, aren’t they? Their textured nature and those accurate-yet-fluffy tiny details … it’s too, too much! Not only that, but the colours Ash (I hope I can call her Ash!) work so brilliantly together. It’s a thistle-y and fluffy swoonfest, pretty much!

Ashrifa Anwer on Instagram
Ashrife Answer on Etsy

Argh. Like a country wander marked out in thread, really.

x Pip



  1. So detailed! Amazing embroidering art.

    • Kate

    • 2 years ago

    They are so amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing them here otherwise I would never have seen them. So much skill.

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