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:: Book Review : Whip Up Mini Quilts

April 22, 2010

Quilts, blankies, rugs, snuggies… All good things that make you want to cozy up with someone nice and DO something nice.  Kathreen, who is one half of the very excellent blog Whip Up, has authored a really ace book for people who like to get cozy. It’s out in June in Australia or you can get it now here.   It’s called ‘Mini Quilts’ and is published by the always tip-top Chronicle Books.  The photos in Kathreen’s book were taken by Leigh Beisch. There is a REALLY cute photo featuring an adorable Pug.  Just so you know.

A Mini Quilt is a pint sized version of  a quilt. Sometimes things are better in miniature, no?!   Mini quilts are perfect for draping over the back of a much loved arm chair, for popping on a dolly’s bed, on a newborn in her pram, perfect too for framing, for use as a fancy table centrepiece… perfect for lots of things really.  They are also perfect practice, before you embark on a bigger quilting project.  And they are perfect if you already know how to sew and quilt, but want a MUCH quicker quilty project to work on.

Kathreen’s book corners the market on the very best and nicest quilty types, from all over the world.  Who will you find betwixt the (lovely HARD) covers?  You will find ::

Alison Brookbanks of Six and a Half Stitches
Lisa Call 
Boo Davis of Quiltsryche
Malka Dubrawsky of Stitch in Dye
Victoria Gertenback of Silly Boodilly
Lizette Greco
Liz Harvatine of Lady Harvatine
Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth
Lucinda Jones of September Bird
Aunty Cookie
Kristine Lempriere of Townmouse
Alix McAlister
Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy
Alexandra Rasmussen of Moonstitches
Ruth Singer
Lisa Solomon
Meg Spaeth of Elsie Marley
Sarah Steedman of Scrappy Nation
Nicole Vaughan of Craftapalooza
Bez White
Kajsa Wikman
Sherri-Lynn Wood of Passage Quilts
Kellie Wuffsohn of Don’t Look Now
and of course Kathreen!

Things You Can Learn From This Book ::
How to bind a quilt so it has a nice neat edge and looks super profesh
How to choose fabric and batting to suit your project (and your life!)
How to applique and other ways to fancy up your quilt
How to piece your quilt together so it doesn’t look like a dog’s breakfast
Cool products and other supplies that make quilt making a bit easier
How to quilt by hand (if you don’t have a sewing machine) and also how to machine quilt
How to make 24 quilts!  There is something to suit all aesthetics, I think!

What Is Good About This Book ::
Kathreen wrote it, and she knows her stuff, instructions are clear and matter of fact.
The templates and patterns are all cute, hand-drawn and actual size (so no enlarging!)
Really cute font on the cover!
Lots of cute projects by talented people!
Heaps of how-tos and lots of things explained to make sewing easier.
Written by an Australian!
Lots of colourful and pretty images to inspire!

My Favourite Project ::
It is so hard to choose…!  I love the Map Quilt by Lizette Greco.  I love the 80s Pegasus Rainbow Quilt by Liz Harvatine.  And Boo Davis’s Skull Quilts are really rad too!  There are lots of other more traditional, japanese style, folksy and arty quilts in there too.  So, like I said, something for everyone!  Lots to choose from for the novice and smartypants alike!

The Other Thing I Like ::
That Kathreen got off her bottom and put this together. It is hard to write a book.  Even when you have other people to help you by contributing projects.  You still have to test all those projects, decipher patterns and instructions, translate diagrams and then re-write the whole thing so that the voice running throughout the book is consistent and the language is the same for each project.   This book must have consumed Kathreen’s life in the very best kind of way, and I think she’s ace for pulling together so many cute things and great people.  Bravo to you Kathreen.  You are an inspiration, methinks.  Yes. You are.

Would you like to WIN this book?  I have one to give away!  I will draw a winner NEXT Thursday! So that gives you one week!  How does that grab you?!  Comment below and tell us how you like to keep cozy!!  Hurrah!

xx Pip

Edit : It is a holiday weekend here in Australia now : I will be moderating my comments sporadically, but DO comment anyway – they will be approved in their exact chronological order at the very latest on Tuesday!

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