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You might already know that Google Reader is being shut down later this year. I used it A LOT, but I also had Bloglovin on the backburner, too. It was quietly lurking, waiting for this day..!

I’ve added all my most recent subscriptions to Bloglovin this morning. (As you can see… it’s showing lots of the most recent posts my fave bloggers – I had to ‘Mark All As Read’ once I imported them!)  You can import ALL of your Google Reader subscriptions into Bloglovin in just a minute or two, too. It’s super easy. And then you’re away again, reading till the cows come home!

Maybe you want to do this too?

How do you read your blogs? Do you use a reading program or app? Or do you bookmark them? Or do you just click through on a whim?

x Pip
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Here's how Bloglovin looks if you choose the Bloglovin FRAME option in settings : you can click OLDER or NEWER at the top left of screen (a bit like the Google Reader NEXT button I used to love!)


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