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(EDIT : I did instantly fix the typo in the heading ‘Blow With Pip’ – sorry if you were hoping to read a post about me and Nigella hanging out, balloon craft or my latest s*x tape… Disappointing, I know…)

My first ever blogging eCourse, Blog With Pip went SMASHINGLY well! I’m so excited to have completed 4 weeks (plus a bonus week!) of teaching with a whole bunch of wonderful students.

Here’s some things they said about the course in our final chat session last night (thanks peeps!)

The Blog With Pip course was just what I needed to take my beginner’s blog to something a bit more professional. I learned an incredible amount, was connected to inspiring bloggers and feel ready to take on the blogging world. The support Pip offered was amazing, she answered every single question I put out there, and usually within an hour or two. I never expected her to be so present all the time for her students. I feel I learned 6 months worth in just 4 weeks!

This course was great – the lessons were short, the assignments optional, Pip very encouraging, I met lots of nice people online and I am leaving feeling inspired and thinking about where to take my blog from here.

Sign up…you will be captured and caught unawares, and taken on a wonderful, friend-filled journey that will help you achieve what you want to achieve and surprise you with awesomeness on things you never expected to learn.

Whether you are an experienced blogger, a wannabe blogger or somewhere in between, there will be something for you in Pip’s course.

This course has completely rejuvenated my blog! I have so much more confidence now to solve technical issues and i have learnt a lot of great things about how to make my blog look cute and be filled with stories people might want to read. Pip was so helpful and generous with all her time and advice and i recommend this course to anyone who has a blog – newbie or seasoned – enjoy and thanks heaps again Pip you are lovely πŸ™‚

Just do it! You may go in with one reason or a dozen and you will still learn something unexpected. Worth every bit of your time and your money.

Pip is a brilliant teacher. She is supremely dedicated to delivering a good student experience, its fun, its creative and bright, but has real depth of knowledge too. It’s very evident that Pip is an expert in this field. It’s very user friendly and pitched at a great level, appropriate to complete beginners and for those with more experience too – something for everyone. And it feels quite intimate for an online course, the facebook chats have made for a really nice classroom feel. Brilliant! Thanks Pip.

I thought it would be a cute idea to add a linky into this post (you need to visit my blog to see it – in case you are reading via RSS!) and let my students add their blogs. Then you can click around and visit them and see the things they have been learning. Check back often as they pop in and add their blogs. And maybe you’d like to pop through and leave an encouraging comment or two? That would be dandy!

Meet some of my students…..

(This linky is for STUDENTS only, please! If you did Blog With Pip, go crazy!)Β 

Thanks class! I had the VERY BEST TIME!

xx Pip

Sign up for Blog With Pip February intake here


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