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will run again in February! Yay! The current students are almost halfway through their four weeks of assisted classes (and have access to the Blog With Pip site until early January so they can work at their own pace for a good chunk of time.)  Then the site will have a tidy up ready for February students.  All the details on the course are here.

Here’s what my students are saying after only 2 weeks tuition:

Do you want to start a blog? Do you have a neglected blog? Sign up and she will steer you in the right direction and have fun along the way!
Do it if you want a fun, really supportive environment to learn about the inside scoop on blogging – the hows, whys and whats. Pip is a fantastic teacher, and she is so active in the course, you get so much out of that interaction, and the interaction with the other students. The Facebook group Rocks!
Good for all levels, super supportive Pip, live chats, community.
I would highly recommend it! I’m not sure how big the class is but I love that it’s not such a huge group that you can get to know everyone quite well too.
I’d say this course is like a big group hug lead by a super helpful and caring person who really wants you to succeed. I’d say the format is pretty open, so it’s great for creative types who like to run with an idea and it’s flexible so there is lots of opportunities to figure things out as you go.
I’ve been surprised and pleased by how welcoming and supportive everyone has been, so to be a part of such a great group has been the best. Learning so much every day, stuff I had no idea about. Loving it! Also the amount of time and the extra work that you have put in Pip, so generous!
I like the podcast assignment and just getting little bits of very doable tasks, they don’t seem as daunting or scary with this group and there are some things I have procrastinated and now I see how easy it is (sort of !) Also I like the resources and getting exposed to new tools, apps, people, etc.
Support and encouragement from everyone, sense of community, all the great tips from Pip! About page and why you are blogging exercises were really helpful.

And here’s a taste of what they’ve achieved so far (in their own words!)

Helped focus me and made me feel ok to be treating this blogging thing seriously! It’s given me the courage to record a podcast and a video for the blog already!

A new look – a domain I can call my own! – Heaps of new bloggy friends!

Getting a domain and host and knowing what to do next, or what i need to learn next

Clarity on the direction I want to move in.

I have learnt so much about blogging as a whole. I had learnt everything to this point by googling which is tiresome. I have changed the look of fonts, written posts, have ideas on photos, and the assignments have really made me revise things that needed a bit of clarity.

I’ve started blogging again – yay!


I’ve had students with NO BLOG sign up, set up their own hosting and domain and start blogging. There are also established bloggers who have found out how to move to their own custom domain, tweak the look of their blog, change themes, find their blogging motivation, make blog buttons, start planning that book they always dreamed of and even more good stuff. There’s even people setting up the SECOND blog they’ve been itching to start. On the whole, it’s been GREAT!

Enrolments are open now. There is a cap on places so I can make sure we can create an intimate community and everyone gets the help they need.

Sign up, if you want to!

x Pip




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