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Meet Me At Mikes

Pip & Meet Me At Mike's December 2017
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: Early December

Let’s do a little backward dance and think about what’s been going on, before the month whirls crazily into holiday season proper and we’re all rendered overwhelmed and (even more) tired and emotional.…

Love is Love pin by My Bearded Pigeon
Pip-Life Social Justice

Love Is Love

Today is the day Australia’s (insensitive, backward and ill-conceived) Same Sex Marriage Postal Vote result will be announced. In around three hour’s time.…

duchess of devonshire
Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock for April

Da-nah! It’s nearly the end of the month. We are nearly a third of the way through the year. Whoa. What. Gosh. Here’s some things that have been happening in this neck of the woods.…

Photography + Art + Design

Home Is My Absolute Fave For Life

I love my (rented) house. It’s true. It’s in the suburbs, but it’s bright and light – and I can look out across rooftops and trees. It’s my favourite place to be. Home is my absolute fave. I have been thinking…