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Hello Pip-Life

:: A Cute Day Trip Look!

I don’t normally share my JustB sponsored posts here (the image above is from a post I wrote over there for Nissan!)  But I really like the way this cute outfit turned out!  Totally my style! xx Pip Hurrah!…

Hello Listen/Watch/Read

:: The New Puberty Blues : A Quick Guide

Excitement plus, because the new drama (based on the book) Puberty Blues premieres on Wednesday the 15th August on Network Ten. OMG. Ace.   Let’s go over this a bit, shall we?! The new Puberty Blues stars Brenna Harding (seen…

Hello Listen/Watch/Read

:: The Bluebottles BRAND NEW EP!

It’s a bit exciting, because Rin’s Joe’s band The Bluebottles have just released their EP on Bandcamp. You can head over there to buy yourself a copy for a price you choose.  I think you should do that.  Everyone…

Hello Pip-Life

:: Where Are You At?!

I am in Sydney at the moment, working from my sister’s place, with my cute nephew as co-pilot. Aw.   Normally, of course, I blog from Melbourne, but not today. I flew in on Sunday, reading From Plate To…