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Assignment: Write Or Rewrite Your About Me Page


Your About Me (or About) page is often the first port of call when new people visit your blog. They’ve clicked through from Google or Pinterest or a shared link to read something or find something and they like what they find… and they want to know more. These are good things. At this point they’ll look in your navigation/menu bar and they’ll be seeking your… ABOUT ME PAGE!

About Me pages vary wildly. Some people use their Blogger Profile information as their introduction to their readers. Some people have really LONG About Me pages (to stop journalists and the like asking me the same stuff over and over!) Others have perfectly formed About Me pages, the kind that make you go ‘Wow! I need to follow this blog RIGHT NOW!’ I think you are going for the latter.

For this assignment, if you choose to accept the challenge, write yourself a killer About Me page. If you have a blog and an About Me page you can revamp that. If you don’t have one  at all, you can create a PAGE or POST called About Me and put a text or image link to that page in the sidebar of your blog. (If that sounds like gobbledygook ask me HOW in the comments!)

Pip Lincolne

My About Me Page



Your About Me page needs to include:

Your name or pseudonym
A way to contact you (see image below)
A photo of you – some people are shy and put photos of their feet and such. I put a photo of my face.

A rough idea of where you live – you can be cryptic! You can stay a bit private if you like.
An idea of WHY people should read your blog – what will it be about? What does it offer? What problems does it solve?
An idea of HOW you ended up here – why do you blog? What’s your purpose/aim/goal/motivation? What are your interests?
Links to your social media presences

Optional: If you have a newsletter or RSS feed sign-up option for your blog add this too.

Now. That could literally be four pages long if you wanted it to be, but don’t do that.
Make sure you:

1. Keep things as concise as possible
2. Write in your own voice and keep the tone consistent with the rest of your blog
3. Keep things as concise as possible*
4. Keep things as chatty and interesting as possible. Imagine you are introducing yourself to a friend-to-be for the first time.


add an email link to an image

Add an email link to an image or text…


* If you want to write LOTS about you and your achievements, consider having a short About Me page with a link at the end saying ‘EVEN MORE About Me’ and make the second page MUCH more wordy. I think I need to do this..!


In the comments:
Leave links to your improved/new About me page
Also: let us know if you’ve read a really awesome About Me page and tell us why you liked it!

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    August 15, 2014 at 3:41 AM

    I spent a bit of time on my about page a few months ago and would love some feedback.
    i’m worried it comes across a bit braggy.

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